Ragini MMS 2 Review | Ragini MMS 2 Complete Story Line

Ragini Makes a vibrant box office boom in india...
Ragini MMS 2, filled with a lot of scary and erotic moments, features one of the best performances of Sunny Leone. It doesn't have a major story to tell while the entire focus of the makers are fixed on making scary and erotics scenes that can make an appeal on the audience. The film starts from where its first part, Ragini MMS ended.

The first film depicted what happened with the young couple Ragini and Uday who went to a haunted house, without being aware of it , for a dirty weekend and how they trapped into the web of creepy paranormal happenings.  The sequel Ragini MMS 2 is about a director who shoots a film on these couple with an actress named Sunny in lead role. What happened to the lead actress and crew while the shooting was in process forms the crust of the story. 
Ragini MMS 2 Review | Ragini MMS 2 Complete Story Line
Film begins with the same old tricks Ram Gopal Varma used in Bhooth back in 2004. Ragini MMS 2 cannot be taken seriously as a film. Sunny Leone gets a formal intro with the hit song "Baby doll". If you want to watch a comedy flick which pretends to be in horror genre, then Ragini MMS 2 is for you. Sunny is an actress, who can't have an expression on her face even at gunpoint. Most times her face is flat without expression! Story, obviously, revolves around the haunted house where ragini's (prequel) boyfriend is murdered. But this film is a meaningless mashup of some erotic scenes and so-called scary moments. Everytime Sunny Leone's character goes searching for the source of creepy sounds in her house, she appears in her lingerie. Audience get confused about where to focus? Only in the third act, Ragini MMS 2 transpires into a film. The flashback story looks like it came from one of those folk horror stories. Director of the film, Bhushan Patel, has senselessly placed bad humour even in the supposedly 'scary scenes'. This makes the film into a complete spoof. In terms of makeup and treatment of ghosts in the film , Ragini MMS 2 copied the Hollywood flick " The Grudge".
The main highlights of the movie Ragini MMS 2 is the wonderful graphic works and a surprising climax, besides the Sunny Leone's X factor. With not much for the critics to criticise the movie upon, Ragini MMS 2 has hit the bull's eye with huge rush in the theatres on the first day first show
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#RaginiMMS2 has some of the best make up and VFX work we have seen in a while. Also a super cool backstory and a chilling climax!

dna @dna  #SunnyLeone's #RaginiMMS2 stays true to its genre

Biscoot B-Now @BiscootB
#RaginiMMS2 and loved it! A gripping horror story with sex and sizzle that has some brilliant special effects n scary bits.

Faridoon Shahryar @iFaridoon
Its interval time of Ragini MMS 2 n I must say @sunnyleone has a far impactful screen presence than a lot of hyper PR driven actresses..

Koimoi @Koimoi
 #RaginiMMS2 Opens To A Fantastic Occupancy At The Box Office

Akshay Sikarwar @3Sikarwar
Watching ragini mms 2 Sunny leone done awesome job

Jeet @jeetbasu
Ragini MMS 2 is a perfect erotic thriller that delivers wat it promises..works for me..its Sunny all the way:-)

TANUJ GARG @tanuj_garg  
#RaginiMMS2 Review : Expect to be petrified way more than what you are anticipating

Sunny Leone's Ragini MMS 2 gets 3 stars! Whether you love her or hate her, you simply can't ignore her. A must watch