FEFKA MOHANLAL PHOTO CONTEST - South India's Biggest Photography Contest

FEFKA STILL PHOTOGRAPHERS UNION consists of 102 members. Yet, all members who have completed 60 years of age have been receiving a pension worth Rs 1000/- for the past 8 years. In 2013, our union enrolled all our members and family member into Trivandrum RCC's Cancer Care for life scheme by spending Rs. 4,10,000/- apart from giving Rs. 2,18,500/- of medical help.
The union has decided to conduct a competition to raise funds to increase the monthly pension and medical claim amouts given to the member.
FEFKA MOHANLAL PHOTO CONTEST - South India's Biggest Photography Contest
FEFKA MOHANLAL PHOTO CONTEST, a charity event organised y FEFKA STILL PHOTOGRAPHERS will be South India's biggest photography event. The prize money is a grand total of 4 lakhs rupees. There are three prizes to be won in each category- Rs 50000 , Rs 30000 and Rs 20000. There are 5 other consolation prizes also to be won. The jury panel consists of emineries like superstar Mohanlal, Sri K Ramachandrababu who is a renouned cinematographer , Sri B Unnikrishnan, screen writer, director and General Secretary to AIFEC & FEFKA and one more National Award winner. This event will be supported by all the technicians and artists of Malayalam film industry through social media as well. The event wil be promoted through around 450 movie theatres across the state by erecting 6x3 dimenstional flex boards for 3 months. Also all photo studios and colourlabs in Kerala will carry 5000 calenders of the dimension 44x56 cms. All major cities in Kerala will have 10 hoardings of the dimensions 25x40 ft. Publicity will also happen through one of kerala's major FM radio stations, all new TV channels and newspapers.
PAY FEE of Rs.250 for eligibility in 1 Category(Album). Only 3 Photos allowed in a Category(Album)
The 4 contest categories are
1.Childhood Innocence 
2.Kerala Gods Own Country
3.Festival Moods 
4.Wedding Moments.
Please read the RULES to avoid disqualification.