Angry Babies Malayalam Movie Review, Box Office Collection

Angry Babies, as the name says, it is a pure two hours of comic fun game.
The story revolves around a couple who migrated to Bombay. A couple with a bag full of dreams…But as usual the couple never make it for long together. Those couples, Jeevan & Sara played by Anoop Menon & Bhavan respectively who couldn’t find a synchronization with their patterns start to fight each other. Jeevans dream to become a famous photographer, while Sara strives to manage the household. Well its hard to handle. So here comes the question why should we handle. Lets break it UP!!!
While dealing with the progress of divorce legalities their happened something unexpected. They got visited by their friends from homeland. This forced the “almost done” couples to act like nothing has happened. This ignites a series of dramatic comically coated funny incidents. That is what the movie really is.
What that really should be mentioned is that the run-time never looses its pace and manages to sit through the motion. And thats where Angry Babies really scores.
Angry Babies Malayalam Movie Review
Performance Analysis
The leads Anoop Menon and Bhavana gave an extreme performance.
Anoop’s Different getups and Bhavana’s makeover helps alot to make their performance stunningly hilarious.
The co-stars including Joju George,Nobi, Anusree also were apt to their role.
RATING     :    8 / 10
Bottom Line
On the whole Angry Babies is exactly like what it was meant to be. An extreme entertainment movie , that under in must watch category. If you are looking for a clean popcorn entertainment which doesn’t leaves any traits on us after the playback, Angry Babies is a perfect choice.