If You get Miss calls from numbers starting with +23 XXXX XXXX - For Social Aware

If You get Miss calls from numbers starting with +23 XXXX XXXX......(if it is not in your contact list) Then, Don't think like that , it is a call from your friend from foreign country.....And NEVER TRY TO CALL BACK......If you call back ...you will Loose Rs. 70 to Rs. 380 INR for a minute. +23xxxxxxx would be relatively expensive even though the actual numbers being used are not premium rate numbers in that country. As these numbers are international numbers , they are not allocated by ComReg and the assignee(s) are not regulated by ComReg. If the customer chooses to call a number, having received a missed call from it, the associated charge will be imposed depending on their operator and their individual package. Calls charges will vary by operator. Typical charges for such calls would be in the region of €4.00 (Rs. 382 INR)  per minute. The mobile operator charges the customer for the call and then pays another operator for delivering the call. At a high level you could consider that an operator handles the call in Ireland then connects it to an international operator. This international operator would then connect the call to the operator in the country concerned. In the case of this type of call there would be several operators in the chain before the call reaches the destination with more than one international operator likely to be involved.
If You get Miss calls from numbers starting with +23 XXXX XXXX - For Social Aware
What is ComReg doing?
Under Section 23 (2) of the Universal Service Regulations ComReg may require undertakings providing public communications networks or publicly available electronic communications services to block, on a case by case basis, access to numbers or services where this is justified by reason of fraud or misuse and to require undertakings to withhold relevant interconnection or other service revenue.    In this specific case, ComReg has requested mobile operators to block, for a period of 4 months, certain numbers brought to ComReg’s attention in the +23 9 range.  This means that Irish mobile consumers will not be able to return calls to the blocked numbers and therefore will not incur charges associated with the call made, if the number is blocked. In addition,  we have written to the Regulator in São Tomé and Principe to request their assistance in stopping this type of call. What should consumers do? ComReg advises consumers not to return missed calls to phone numbers that begin with these numbers, or to answer calls from such numbers, particularly if they do not recognise the number calling or they are not expecting a call, as they may incur significant charges.  Customers should contact their operator, in the first instance, in respect of issues with such calls. In accordance with ComReg’s procedure for complaint handling, consumers should contact ComReg in respect of complaints to their operator which have not been responded to or resolved within 10 working days.