Monayi Angane Aanayi Review

Aju Varghese’s new movie is `Monayi Angane Aanayi` which is directed by a debutant director Santhosh Khan.Scripted by Santhosh Khan, Ullas and Johnson AV. Aju Varghese essays the role of Monayi, who is a village boy in the film, ‘Monayi Angane Aanayi’ .Monayi reaches a city where his friends reside and he enjoys the city life and that is the turning point of the movie . This is the first time Aju is doing a title role.
The actors of `Malaravadi arts club ` will join for this film once again. Archana Kavi and Deepthi are the heroines of the movie . Deepthi is the daughter of the famous actress Sumithra. Sumithra is also doing a character in this film. Bhagath Manuval ,Hari Nair, Vishnu, Prem are the other actors in ‘Monayi angane anayi’.
Vinu Uday who work with Legendery Musician A R Rahhman has handled the music direction.
It is a clean family entertainer which attract the youth and family equally.
Aju Varghese plays the role of a lazy guy Monayi, who at a particular situation reaches the city and spends his time along with his friends. Monai utilize the maximum independence he gets for a while, later he landed in trouble.
His father send monayi to his friend’s town. Then monayi force to stay with 2 of his friends, those who doing Btech. And when some problems occurs in one of his friends life. Then monayi enters and making some crazy twists to make their life happy. And the whole movie is all about what happened in the life of monayi and his friends.
Rating : 6 / 10
Monayi Angane Aanayi Review