Manglish Review | Manglish Malayalam Movie Review

Manglish is language spoken/write in Kerala. Manglish is typically called Malayalam Mix with English. But here there is no relation between the movie and this meaning. Manglish movie says the story of an English girl who entered into the life of a mallu guy who don’t know English. Then their life mix up with the fun of their interactions.
Salaam Bappu, the director of 2013 hit movie “Red Wine”, after his big success with Mohanlal. This time he is came back with Mega Star Mammootty.
Mammootty Mega star playing the role of auctioneer. And the name of Auctioneer is Tharakan Malik, who lives near the harbour and helps the poor people living there. By doing help to others he became hero, and the hero one day saw foreign lady Caroling Bech as Michelle. Some what the movie shows communication between Tharakan Malik and Michelle was very good. Because both of them are using different languages to communicate each other, but some what this part very well to see. And the main part of this movie is Michelle wants to some good things to do secret, without knowing to others. She seeks helps from Malik to fulfill the works without third person know.
The movie first half was going in megastar introduction with little action. After Michelle introduction some what impressed the audience.
Manglish Review | Manglish Malayalam Movie Review
The second half was Malik helping to michell to complete her target, the film fully about how the michell helped by malik, is they attain the target. Both half there is mass comedy by Mammotty and supporting actors. This drives the film very humorous. Some of the scenes are very sentiment, made the audience feel for it. A simple word about Manglish cinema reviews is '' comedy commercial movie".
Caroline Bech nether land actress shows that she can act any role. Gopi sundar, Music director of this movie shows that expressions need a beautiful music.
Box Office Analysis
As the movie made up like a commercial – comedy movie and the presence of Mammootty will be the biggest positive side in box office. It having a speciality in releasing also, after a long time a Malayalam movie releasing on Sunday. Expecting a big hit in box office.
Rating  : 8 / 10
Bottom Line 
A worthy commercial – comedy movie that will makes you feel good while watching. Just go an enjoy this guarantee entertainment theatre near you . Catch up Theater list- Here