Vegam Malayalam Movie Review

Vegam, the story of two close friends is the cinematic venture of Filmfare recipient director Anil Kumar and produced under the banner of FX4 Movie Makers . The plot for the movie is penned by Anil Kumar while the music is composed by Govind Menon for the lyrics penned by Anu Elizabeth and Santhosh Varma. Vegam Starring Vineeth Kumar, Jacob Greogory, Prathap Pothen, Shammi Thilakan, Shani Shaki, Samskriti Shenayi, Swapna Menon in the lead roles. Now, let us begin the movie review of Vegam.
Vegam Malayalam Movie Review - Impressive performance of Vineeth & Jacob
The story of Vegam is about two youth Sidhu (Vineethkumar) and David (Jacob Gregory) who are very close friends and stay together. The attitude of both towards the life and values is different as David believes in hard-working while Sidhu tries to earn easy money irrespective of the ways. Later, unwillingly, but David also joins Sidhu in his misdeeds that puts themselves in trouble. The desire of getting luxury and money at ease is fulfilled or the resulting events change their attitude towards life is the crux of the movie.

In Vegam, Vineeth and Jacob have done wonderful job and their dialogue delivery is top notch. Other cast also did decent job and get good amount of screen presence. Experienced direction of director appeared in his narration and he done a splendid job in weaving all the characters around the plot. The music complemented every passing scene and flows well with the movie.

As the charm of every thriller movie lies in suspense, which is very well maintained throughout the movie and did not let the audience to leave the edges of the seat. Storyline is good and pretty clear. Alongwith drama, thrill and action, a light dose of comedy made Vegam comfortable for all age groups. Watch the crime drama movie that guarantees you to entertain to the core.

Rating - 7.5 / 10