Vikramadithyan Review | Vikramadithyan Theater list

Vikramadithyan Review | Vikramadithyan Theater list | Vikramadithyan Box office collectionMalayalam flick Vikramadithyan hit theatres on today. As per the reports it’s released over 300+ theatres all over the world. The film portrays the friendship between Vikraman (Unni Mukundan) and Adithyan (Dulquar Salman) who were born on the same day and a girl named Deepika (Namitha Pramod) who comes into their lives.
The movie is all about love, hatred and friendship. There is an ambience of competition and wilfulness among the characters in the movie right from the start.
The story begins with Vasudev Shenoy(Anoop Menon) losing his love Lakshmi (Lena), as she gets married to someone else. Vasudev Shenoy also gets married. Both the couples, have their first baby at the same time and they name them Vikram and Adhityan.
While Vikram is ambitious and gets trained to become a police officer like his dad Vasudev Shenoy, Adhityan is in his own world enjoying life to the fullest yet always want to be at par with Vikram, in some way or the other. Deepika(Namitha Pramod), Vikram and adhityan were friends right from school, but slowly Vikram and adhityan develop feelings for her, and this when the ambience of competition sets in again.
Vikramadithyan Review
‘Vikramadityan’ is a narration of story of the life’s of the three friends, later when they have settled in their lives. Delhi, being a location during the flashback in the flick. The songs in the movie hasn’t got the needed acceptance but still the movie has given prominence to music too. Dulquar salman never let “adhityan” fall for even a single moment. The overall plot is pinned with both delightful and plentiful moments Turns out to be a good, matinee entertainment.
Vikramadityan a Lal Jose movie is an entertainer as always. Lal jose is also the producer of the movie. The music is done by Bijbal. With no dull diversion, anywhere in the plot, and with all feel-good moments, the movie turns out to be a perfect entertainer.
BoxOffice Predict
As followed by Angry Babies, Bangalore Days it may be become a hit charter movie of 2014. Youth Stylish stars like Unni Mukundan , Dulqur Salman and the pretty Namitha Pramode, these much reasons makes a big expectation for viewers. LJ finely done the movie as a complete entertainer, which full fills all the expectations. Eid is one of the big positive side for box office. Expecting a huge week collection from all the releasing centers including overseas.
Rating  :   8.5 / 10
Bottom Line:  A complete entertainer with the flavour of Lal Jose touch and youth stars. So just go and watch it, surely it will full fill your expectations.
Vikramadithyan Review