CopyRight Issues on Bangalore Days ‘Kannum chimmi' Song

Popular malayalam music director Gopi Sundar and the makers of super hit movie "Bangalore Days " are in a big trouble.  Disappointed by the track of the hit Malayalam song ‘Kannum chimmi, Kannum chimmi, Kaanum Kanavaanu Bangaluruuu…’ composed by Gopi Sunder for the movie Banglore Days, Bryan Adam’s administrative officers have taken steps against makers of the film for plagiarising tune of the popular ‘Summer of 69’, recorded in 1984.
CopyRight Issues on Bangalore Days ‘Kannum chimmi' Song
After scrutinising both videos — Banglore Days and Summer of 69 — Mr Michelle Larsen, an official at Adams Administrative Offices, Vancouver, Canada told Deccan Chronicle via e-mail that the video had been brought to attention of their office and they did forward it to the recording labels who deal with Bryan’s copyright. “They will pursue appropriately if there is any infringement”, he said.
The fresh music plagiarism controversy comes after Loreena McKennitt another Canadian singer sued Malayali composer Deepak Dev and the makers of 'Urumi' for copyright infringement in 2012.
The 3.5 min length ‘Summer of '69’, which went viral among music lovers, was written and recorded by Mr Adams himself, is still grabbing many eyeballs on You Tube. It was released in June 1985 under A&M Records as the fourth single his album Reckless.
Responding to the query of DC on the alleged plagiarism, Mr Sunder, the composer, admitted that it was deliberately adapted from the Bryan’s single to get people entertained. “There is no element of plagiarism, but the track of song is same as ‘Summer of '69”.
“However, the melody notes are entirely different from the original version. If you don’t know the technical side of music, you may not be able to differentiate it. If you don’t like this song, please let it go. There is no point for controversy”, he argues.
Mr Sunder has also admitted that the makers of Banglore Days had not got any licence from the Bryan Adams administrative officers to make use of the track for Banglore days. 
According to the Copy Right Act 1975, which has given protection to any work relating to literature, art, craftsmanship, films, music and television, the copyright holder has exclusive right for publication, production, reproduction, performance in public and translation, copyright in a work shall be deemed to be infringed when any person, without a licence granted by the owner of the Copyright or the Registrar of Copyrights under this Act or in contravention of the conditions of a licence so granted or of any condition imposed by a competent authority.