Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla Review, Box Office Report

Jayasurya and Bhama together again for a movie like Janapriyan. Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla is a romantic-comedy which tells the story of the title character Mathai, played by Jayasurya.
Mathai has a tendency to interfere in other's life. Bhama essays the female lead opposite Jayasurya in the movie. Mukesh and Laksmi Gopalaswamy appears in pivotal roles.
Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla Review, Box Office Report
Story Line
Mathai is an innocent good-hearted auto driver who hails from Thrissur. He has a tendency to interfere in other people's life knowingly or unknowingly. He intents to help people; but usually gets into trouble. Somehow it relates with the character played by Jayasurya in Janapriyan movie. But story wise this movie is much differ from Janapriyan. Mathai’s fiance (Bhama) is a nurse. Mathai enters the lives of Dr Nandakumar (Mukesh) and his wife Geetha (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy), thus toppling their family life upside down. This leads to some hilarious incidents and rest of the movie revolves around this characters.
Performance Analysis
As usual Jayasurya shines as Mathai and increases the comical quotient of the movie with his Thrissur dialect.
Mukesh, as Dr Nandakumar strikes again with his humour sense and acting skills. Bhama, as Mathai's fiance, show great improvements in her acting skills and looks completely fit for the role.
Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, as Nandakumar's wife Geetha performs her role to near perfection. Sreejith Ravi, as a dance master, deserves a special applause for his amazing performance. Rest of the cast did complete justice to their respective roles.
Technical Analysis
Script And Direction backbone of the movie is a not-so-engaging script written by director Akku Akbar, which has nothing new to say. As a usual kind of story reveals the innocents of some peoples. The repetitive theme is narrated with small improvisations in the movie. But the director succeeds in bringing the best out of the actors. The performance of the lead actors is the saving grace of the movie. Pradeep Nair's cinematography is above average. Lijo Paul's editing is not upto standards, as the movie fails to engage the audience at certain points. Music and Background Score Anand Madhusoodanan's background score is impressive; but the songs are just average. Anto Joseph produces the movie under Anto Joseph Film Company.
Bottom Line
A usual age old theme, but in certain point of view it will bags appreciation from views for the fabulous performances of actors.
Box Office Verdict

A big completion need to face, over 4 different style of movies released same day. In all the movie will bags more family audience. Expecting a good run in box office.
Rating as 7 / 10 for the actors performance.