Mariyam Mukku Malayalam Movie review, Box Office Collection, Rating

Mariyam Mukku is the first directorial venture of popular screenplay writer James Albert and the film had a great star cast of hFahad Faasil, Joy Mathew, Aju Varghese, Manoj K Jayan and new face Sana Althaf as heroine. The film don’t have much promotion and hype before its release and the only hope on the film was James Albert who wrote great scripts such as Classmates and Ividam swargamanu. But the film ended up as a below average affair and it is not a good beginning to James Albert as a director.
Mariyam Mukku is the love story of Felix (Fahadh), a fisherman and Salomi (Sana Althaf). Felix who lost his parents at a very young age is brought up by Mariyan Aasaan (Manoj K Jayan). Felix meets his childhood friend Salomi but at a particular point he has to choose between his Aasaan and the people of Mariyam Mukku as they stand in his way to own Salomi. The events that unfold thereafter form the basic crux of this movie.
Mariyam Mukku Malayalam Movie review, Box Office Collection, Rating
Its a confused script as the scenarist is caught midway through as to whether to proceed as a full length romantic film or add more drama to it. The latter option was chosen and thus that romantic track that was developing well looses its presence.
Direction from James Albert is not that bad and his screenplay had in it to deliver something good but it ended up as an average film that is visually good with all those beaches and sea backdrop beautifully captured by the cinematographer who deserves credit for that. Renjan Abraham has done a decent work on the editing table while songs by Vidyasagar is not upto the standards set by the music director. Still it was refreshing to hear veteran singer Yesudas singing a song here.
Fahadh did a decent job as Felix. It was a neat effort from the Asin look alike Sana Althaf as Salomi who is also making her tinsel town debut. Manoj K Jayan as Mariyan Aasaan was able to make a good presence along with Joy Mathew, Irshad, Nandu, Sadiq and Neeraj Madhav. Prathap Pothan is also part of the film in a very brief role. Aju Varghese also appear in a pivotal role but somehow he was not able to make a big contribution. A lengthy list of other actors are also part of the supporting casts.
Overall, the film could have been a better one had the love story between Felix and Salomi been better handled and given more prominence than the events that unfolded later. Not a bad film but did not provide the required level of entertainment either. Impressed with his direction somewhat but not with the scripting completely and I am going with two and a half out of five for James Albert's directorial debut Mariyam Mukku.
Rating : 6.5 / 10
Directed by James Albert
Produced by         [A. K. Sabeer] 
Written by  James Albert
Starring      Fahadh Faasil, Manoj K. Jayan, Prathap Pothan, Joy Mathew, 
Sana Althaf
Music by     Vidyasagar
Cinematography  Gireesh Gangadharan
Edited by    Ranjan Abraham
Production company Sam Big Movies
Distributed by      LJ Films Pvt. Ltd