100 Days of Love Review, Box Office Report

100 Days of Love directed by veteran director Kamal's son Jenuse Mohamed is a feel good romantic comedy mainly targeted at the youth audiences.
After a long Malayalam film industry trying to wake up from sleep.
There is nothing new in the movie, But one thing that must be appreciated about director Jenuse Mohamed is his integrity towards the script. The first thing that strikes you after watching "100 Days of Love" is that here is one of the cutest romantic comedy flick ever made in Malayalam.
100 Days of Love Review, Box Office Report
As the title says 100 days of love and the posters, songs along with the trailer promised a full length love story, the film has little romance to show on screen as major part of the running duration is focused on the search of the male protagonist for his lady love who he just saw but was beyond his reach after their first meeting or rather the first passing that happened in a night in the rain.
Again the charming out streets of Bangalore makes the live scenes more attractive.
The story is roll over around Balan and Ummer who are thick friends living together in bangalore. Balan who is a journalist and is recently dumbed by his girlfriend. And then she meet with Sheela.
The rest of the movie focus on the search of Sheela by Balan and Ummer, and once they are able to tracks her, fate has something else in store for them. Whether Balan can walk away holding hands of Sheela just like any other cliched love story we have seen or is there a twist in the tale for the couples. Well you will have to watch it for yourself to know that.
White Marks
  • The punch during the interval was well shown and it had something in store for the audience to cheer up.
  • Being a debutant, Jenuse has showed the promise to come back better.
  • Screenplay had its beauty for a romantic flicks.
  • The main positive factor was the on screen chemistry of Dulquer and Nithya.
  • The first and foremost thing about the movie is that here is a Malayalam movie which has characters that are human and not over-the-top. These are characters which you meet in your day-to-day life an if you are an urbanite, you would be able connect easily.

Black Marks
  • Slow pace of the film that drags things and gives a boring feel especially the major portion of the first half.
  • The search for the girl modelled on video games with different levels and lifelines seemed an unconvincing and silly one.

Performance Analysis
Dulquer playing the character of Balan K Nair was doing a repeat of similar roles he has done before but it was good.
Nithya looked beautiful and at the same time as the girl brought up from outside Kerala, she did justice to that character both in emoting as well as dialogue delivery.
Shekhar Menon as Ummer and Rahul Madhav are also part of the cast and they were not bad either.
 Aju Varghese appeared in a cameo as BKN's friend and colleague.
Vineeth and Praveena are part of the supporting casts but it was hard to imagine Vineeth as Nithya's father.
Technical Analysis
Cinematography by Pradeep Varma was nice along with not so bad edits.
Music is by Govind Menon and the songs with their visuals looked nice on screen.
Art Direction by Ajay Mangad sets the tone for the movie.
As always Sameera Saneesh has set the style right for each character.
100 Days of Love" is a movie which will make you feel good and for especially youth it’s a summer treat.
Box office Report
Expecting a good running on box office, but “you too brutus” and the upcoming week releasing movies will make a business impact on the movie.
Rating     :      7 / 10