Bhaskar The Rascal Movie Review, Box Office Collection. Rating

After a long a good comedy movie from Superstar Mammootty. Writer-director Siddique's Bhaskar The Rascal, with Mammootty and Nayanthara in the lead, is a well-oiled, formula family entertainer. The film moves along highly predictable lines with enough masala, colourful frames and there is an effort to create comedy almost everywhere. And as it is a routine, the hero comes with idiotic sidekicks to make you laugh and sunglass wearing villains for action. 
Bhaskar The Rascal Movie Review, Box Office Collection. Rating

But then, this one is not meant to be taken too seriously. If fun is all what you look forward to at the movies, this one qualifies as an engaging fare.

Bhaskar (Mammootty) is not much educated and he is brash to the core, but has a heart of gold. He has regained all the wealth that his father 'Banker' Sankaranarayanan (Janardhanan) had lost and lives in a palatial bungalow. 

After losing his wife pretty early, Bhaskar never married again and he has tremendous affection for his son, Aadi (Master Sanoop). But the boy has problems with his dad's habit of getting into fights with all his rivals. As fate would have it, Bhaskar has an unlikely fan in Aadi's classmate Shivani (Baby Anikha), the daughter of a lady entrepreneur, the sweet, charming soft-spoken  Hima (Nayantara), who sells homemade chocolates.

The kids want their parents to get married and Bhaskar likes the idea as well. But Hima is not keen about this and there are some unprecedented issues that follow which takes the story ahead.

With a racy first half, where a string of comedies, the good-looking lead pair and the smart kids make it all look interesting but things get a bit tedious at several points in the second half, especially the climax which has been shot in an old fashioned manner. 

Vijay Ulakanath's visuals are good. Deepak Dev's tunes are peppy with I love you Mummy being the pick of the lot. With dashing looks that could give heroes half his age a complex, Mammootty performs with so much flexibility, so different from his recent roles. He is funny and has no airs whatsoever. 

Nayanthara looks gorgeous and performs with lot of dedication.Her character Hima who is irritated by Bhaskar's idiosyncrasies, is well-written and many men could lose themselves to her charm, A big thumbs up to stylist Anu Vardhan for Nayanthara's simple cotton sarees.  

However, the stars of the show along with them are the two young actors, Master Sanoop and Baby Anikha, who are just adorable. JD Chakaravarthy in an important role is a big letdown. 

Bhaskar The Rascal may not have many surprises in store but is a nice option for sure this festival season. For all the fans of the lead stars, this could turn out to be a nice treat. Enjoy this one!

Verdict: A end-to-end masala comedy entertainer.
Rating :  8 /10