Insidious: Chapter 3 Review, Box Office Collection, Rating

Insidious Chapter 3, as like all the same genre series of movies, nothing offering new. It was released on June 5, 2015, all over the world met with mixed to positive reviews from critics, and has grossed over $80 million. And now on 25 th June it reached theaters in india.
This third part of movie is presented as a prequel to the hugely successful first two parts. Occasional scary moments in a cliched manner do appear. Even some humorous situations in between these scary moments also find its place in Insidious 3.
Insidious: Chapter 3 Review, Box Office Collection
Insidious: Chapter 3 Review, Box Office Collection $80 Million as of June 26.
The third part begins long before all the haunting happened with the Lambert family. A young lady by the name Quinne approach Elise to talk with her dead mother. Elise as the followers of the franchise know that she has this ability to know and talk with people who are from the other part of the world (dead people). Situation reach a stage where Elise and Quinne's father need to put in their best effort to rescue the girl from the evil spirit.
After a terrifying experience with Quinn and the demon, Specs and Tucker attempt to withdraw from the case but Elise, now willing to help, appears, more powerful and confident. She reveals that the demon isn't like others she's encountered. Where most spirits from the Further seek to find bodies to possess so they can live again, this demon, chooses to drag pure living souls into the Further so it can torture them. In the Further, Elise sets free the spirit of a girl the demon had captured years before and overcomes the Bride in Black. The Demon takes the form of Elise's dead husband, Jack, who killed himself a year ago, in an attempt to trick her into killing herself so they can be together. After a tearful reunion, Elise realizes that it is actually the Demon, and easily defeats him, but it grabs hold of a faceless version of Quinn. This version of Quinn is revealed to be the half of Quinn's soul that the demon controls. Elise returns to the living world, and tells the group that this part of the battle must be fought by Quinn alone. However, Quinn is losing the battle, as her alternate version gains more of her features. Elise hears the voice of the wife of the Brenner's neighbor who had died the other night, leading her to Quinn's diary, which contains a letter that Lillith wanted her to read before she graduated. The power from this letter helps guide Lillith to save Quinn and banish the demon. Lillith leaves her with some parting words, and the family is finally reunited. Specs and Tucker decide to join Elise to deal with other supernatural disturbances.
Elise heads home to find that her husband's spirit has left his sweater on the bed. Overwhelmed with emotion, she holds his sweater close. Her dog then begins to bark into the darkness, where an ominous face peers back at her. As Elise gazes at the small face, the Lipstick-Faced Demon pops out next to her.
It is high time the makers of this genre comes up with something new or some innovative writing should spice up the proceedings. Or else we will see a slow death of these type of movies. The film ends by showing that we are in for a fourth chapter but going by the scheme of things, it is highly unlikely that we can expect anything fresh.
The final half an hour is where all the ghostly presence happens. A slow and silent first half precede this loud climax that has some humour also to add. Sound effects as usual is used to create that horrifying mood but as I said we know when to get ready for that since that moment of shock and scare has become too monotonous and cliched.

Overall Insidious Chapter 3 nothing offering new, but somehow it has lots to scares that will keep the teenagers occupied.

  • Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier
  • Dermot Mulroney as Sean Brenner
  • Stefanie Scott as Quinn Brenner
  • Angus Sampson as Tucker
  • Leigh Whannell as Specs
  • Hayley Kiyoko as Maggie
  • Tate Berney as Alex Brenner
  • Michael Reid MacKay as The Man Who Can't Breathe
  • Tom Gallop as Dr. Henderson
  • Steve Coulter as Carl
  • Phyllis Applegate as Grace
  • Ashton Moio as Hector
  • Ele Keats as Lillith Brenner
  • Tom Fitzpatrick as Bride in Black / Parker Crane
  • Adrian Sparks as Jack Rainier
  • Phil Abrams as Mel
  • Ruben Garfias as Ernesto
  • James Wan as The Acting School Audition Judge
  • Amaris Davidson as Nurse
  • Fawn Irish as Lambert Woman
  • Garrett Ryan as Young Josh Lambert
  • Joseph Bishara as Lipstick-Face Demon

Crew Members

Directed by
Leigh Whannell

Produced by
Jason Blum
Oren Peli
James Wan

Screenplay by
Leigh Whannell

Music by
Joseph Bishara

Brian Pearson

Edited by
Timothy Alverson

Production Company
Automatik Entertainment
Blumhouse Productions
Entertainment One

Distributed by
Focus Features
Gramercy Pictures
Stage 6 Films
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Insidious Chapter 3, as like all the same genre series of movies, nothing offering new. Overall Insidious Chapter 3...
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