Bittersweet Love - A besutiful Romantic English Short Film

The film is about the protagonist finding hope in life and it reinforces the belief that True love is Eternal.
The film starring Sachin Thimmaiah and Vaishali Deepak in lead, both of the done very well. Especially expression wise Vaishali little more leads than Sachin. Her cute look and glittering eyes makes the movie to watchable for so many times. This short love saga produced by Santhosh reddy under Vihan Production.
The film start with a narration of romantic saga between Mountains and clouds.Then starts the conversation between two lovers in a Restaurant, the movie covers the relationship of them in their words. And ends by proving that the true love never ends its like the eternal romantic saga of cloud and mountain. As a director Satish Krishna Reddy done a great job, without any lags he made 10:39 minutes worthy to watch.
Bhaskar V Reddy captures the beauty of Vaishali and Sachin, there is nothing much to cover him because its just a two character movie. Hanumesh Patil's edits makes good feel. And BGM by Vijay absolutely perfect for this short romantic saga. ShankarPrakash's narration on the beginning and at the end was too good.
And in overall its just a fabulous and worthy to watch. We recommended 8.5 / 10 stars for this 2013 released romantic saga. So why to wait watch it officially below....