Kissmath യുവ പ്രണയ ചിത്രം Malayalam Short Film : Short Movie Fiesta

Here comes the "Kissmath", a beautiful romantic short movie from Sooraj & Kichu anwin.
As the tag line (a love tale) says, its just a pure love story. 
Story revolving around three friends Siddharth , Roshan and Rehan. After titling Siddharth starts revealing his love life to Sachin, who is a friend of Rehan's brother, their starts an amazing love story of siddharth with a nice end punch. Aravind subramani's edits made a good blend of scenic beauties captured by Akshay Ramesh, and Abin vincent kalliyoor's BGM made the movie live till end. "Kanatha nin mukam" song was too good, and a special appreciation deserves Arjun for those tiny beautiful lines. So lets have cup of coffee and enjoy 'Kissmath' over below....
Written and Direction : Sooraj & Kichu anwin
Producer : Deepu k v
Co- Producers : Sagar & kavitha p nair
Assit.Director : Venkitesh
Dop: Akshay Ramesh
Edit & Vfx : Aravind subramani
Music & Bgm : Abin vincent kalliyoor
Motion Poster Music : Saran G Nair
Singer : Govind
Lyrics : Arjun
Stills: Ukkasha
Choreographer : Gokul Hariharan
Pro : Rahul Lekshman
Costume Designer : Meghna R Subbu
Production Controller : Sachin ks
Co-Ordinator : Pradeep
Publisher: Padmasree Media Online
Rahul Lekshman
Sachin ks