Vijay's Puli Review, Box Office Collection, Rating

Puli, vijay starrer historic movie came with negative review from both audience and critics. Story starts as a virtual tour of a castle from a video game. Its the worst graphics in the long shots of the castle. It would not be wrong to say Chimbudevan's Tamil-Hindi bilingual Puli is a truly inspired piece of filmmaking.
Story Line is an actual replication of “Baahubali” movie. Baahubali having a well polished screenplay, but somehow Puli failed in its screenplay and double meaning comedies.
layathalapathy Vijay's movie "Puli" has been censored on Tuesday, 15 September and bagged clean chit from the Regional Censor Board. But still am doubted on the “U” certificate, because of double meaning comedies and vulgarity in the dance scenes, especially Shruti Hassan’s boldness crosses the lines and seems like vulgar mostly. The film deserves a “U/A” certification at least.
Vijay's Puli Review, Box Office Collection, Rating
The story is the age old fight between good and evil. Good is the baby-faced hero found floating in the basket. Evil is the Vedaal clan with blue eyes, fangs and superhuman powers led by a tyrant Jalatharangam (Kannada star Sudeep) and evil queen Yamandevi (Sridevi, who appears only after the interval). They terrorise poor villagers with a Lagaan-like tax and Gabbar-like brute force. Enter our hero Maruadheeran (Vijay). With the help of two bumbling sidekicks, a trio of Lilliputian pygmies (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma), a magic potion that works for eight minutes, and a helpful frog, he must enter the Vedaal castle, rescue his ladylove and save the human race.
He manages to do all this, and still find time for long song and dance sequences with the heroines -- Shruti Haasan, his childhood sweetheart and Hansika Motwani, the princess. In between, he learns to control a one eyed troll with sheer will power, pass the Vedaal version of an agnipariksha and triumph in a Gladiator-like battle.
Vijay and team failed by executing comedy scenes in this kind of gener movie. Sathyan and Tambi Ramayya’s comedy scenes made too much boring to see. Especially when vijay also joins in their comedy. Vijay need to rethink before doing double role with long hair. As like “chinna thamarai” song its not matching with his face.
Film start with a narration, later Prabhu also telling the story to his children’s, and we will felt mismatching with the scenes somewhere for a while in that portion of the movie.
In the first half the movie is rolled to a spoof movie level, the scene where Shruti hassan proposing Vijay on his sister’s funeral function making zero sensibility.
Prabhu’s death act was the worst ever from the acting legend’s son. The scene having emotional bgm, but everyone will laugh at that portion surely.
Chimbu Devan’s crappy screenplay is made the movie as a worst nightmare for both audience and may be to the Super Star Vijay also.
Music done by DSP, may be this is his worst direction ever, most of the songs beats was the same, may be he done music for all the songs together :) . Emotional scenes not much perfect with the lack of powerful bgm.
Graphics other than the long shots of Vedaal kingdom was nice. Especially the tiger fight and the climax fight scenes are too good to see as a hollywood level.
The only scene which was perfect about the BGM combination was the Vijay’s father’s death.
Performance Analysis
Vijay, absolutely perfect in his acting, but the crappy screenplay made his acting below average, especially on comedy scenes. He looks like uncomfortable in the comedy combination with  Sathyan and Tambi Ramayya.
Sridevi, not much have to do in screen, somehow she manage her scenes.
Kicha Sudeep, little importance and very thin layer of negative impact made him down.
Shruti Hassan, need to say her boldness is not vulgarity. Her dressing all over the movie will avoid family audience. Song sequences are makes uncomfortable to watch with family, because of her dressing and focussing of camera angles.
Hansika, as a second heroin and daughter of Sridevi, good to see her in little portions. She also having a song with vijay, she done a sensible job.
Prabhu, good to see him in the role of vijay’s godfather role. But the death scene was made a negative impact with his over acting.
Box Office Collection
Puli made with a whooping budget of Rs. 120 Crores and getting mixed review form both audience and viewers but fulfilled to collect Rs. 72 Crores form 3 days of box office running.
Expected first week collection Rs. 95+ Crores.
Crazy Fact
Vijay with long hair as Pulivendhan, he was the brother of Yavanarani ( Sridevi ) and who was killed by Thalapathy Jalatharangan (Kicha Sudeep), but the interesting fact is when they both saw the son of Pulivendhan, named Marudheeran same Vijay without long hair, Sridevi and Sudeep not even realising or doubting the son vijay.
Puli is a message to all directors, Don’t make a movie to make it as “Baahubali”.