Anarkali Malayalam Movie Review, Rating, Box Office Report

Prithviraj makes his success again, it seems that Prithviraj is going ahead to his hattrick victory. Anarkali is one of the limited scenic beauty malayalam movie, while most of the scenes covers in the backdrop of Lakshadweep. The film portraits a beautiful and intense love story. With excellent visuals and an engaging screenplay from writer Sachi.
He made his directorial debut with well executed script that will stay for sometime after leaving cinema halls in the heart of most of the viewers.
Anarkali Malayalam Movie Review, Rating, Box Office Report
Shantanu who is a diving instructor at Kavaratty, Lakshadweep. His best buddy (Zachariah) is working as the system engineer in a lighthouse. Both of them were working for Indian Navy; but later them left the force after a life-changing incident. But the past continues to haunt Shantanu and what happens in his life forms the film. Anarkali portray the purpose of his travel to this place and dig deep into the serious and intense love between Shantanu and Nadira.
The first half is excellent and end on a promising note. Though the same momentum could not be sustained in the second half, the story makes us root for Shantanu and Nadira. The second half in a way is too lengthy and it seems Sachy was running out of ideas about how to end the film.
Sachi is successful in presenting a convincing love story where the biggest factor that worked was the chemistry between the lead pair though the two characters are from different states showing language and religion has no place when it comes to the eternal feel of love.
Performance Rating
Prithviraj once again deliver with a character that has two shades quite effectively. As the cheerful Naval officer and as the love struck and matured Shantanu, the actor portrayed his portions beautifully. His expressive acting style as a lover was awesome, and the lead pair against him, Priyal Gor was so awesome supportive.
Biju Menon in his trademark style handled the humour part and his combination with Prithvi was made the movie more energetic.
Priyal Gor played Naadira Jamam and fitted into that role perfectly. She play a North Indian and speaks Hindi throughout and hence she was in a safe zone since she hail from Mumbai. We already saw her in few advertisements.
Kabeer Bedi as Nadira's father impressed with his voice and stubborn act.
Kabir Bedi, who plays Nadira's father, Miya George who essays Dr. Sherin Mathew, and the rest of the star cast including Samskruthy Shenoy, Renji Panicker, Suresh Krishna, Sudev Nair, Syamaprasad, Madhupal etc have played their parts well.
Technical Rating
How much beautiful Anarkali is, that all because of the cinematographer Sujith Vasudev. His visuals, frames and coloring pattern lifted the film a lot. Editing by Renjan Abraham is fine but certainly some trimming was required as the film is a tad too lengthy.
Music by Vidyasagar is another highlight as the songs were apt and what was needed for a love story and as per the demands of this film.
Popular scenarist Sachi makes a fantastic directorial debut with the movie. The director, who has also scripted the movie, has managed to depict the intense love story between a Malayali man and a North Indian girl in its complete glory. The only minus point is the lengthy second half, which will give an impression that the writer is struggling to conclude the story.
A watchable love story beyond the barriers of region, time, language and distance. Anarkali is surely in our list of movies, that you can definitely go and watch without thinking much.
Box Office
As last few trend setting movies in Malayalam,all having Love stories. That only reason here also most probably will workout and it will become one the box office giant in malayalam, as per the first day reports from theaters.
For the excellent scenic beauty, well crafted screenplay and for the well supported actors we have the Rating of  8 / 10*

 *Note: Ratings and reviews as per the analysis of theater views and audience aspects and the comments over here all from our view point.