Thoongavanam Review, Rating, Box Office Report

The remake of french movie ‘Sleepless Night’, Kamal Hassan’s ‘Thoongavanam’ , one of the much awaited movie of the year. However, with Kamal Haasan in the film, it's expected that the movie would be quite different from the original. The movie revolves around Diwakar( Kamal Haasan) who is a cop. The first scenes open with Kamal and his colleague Mani (Yugi Sethu) shooting a guy dead and making off with a black bag. We are then introduced to Mallika (Trisha), another cop, who is investigating this man's murder. Diwakar has a son and his ex-wife and he shares custody of him. 
Thoongavanam Review, Rating, Box Office Report
The next thing we know is that Diwakar's son is kidnapped by Vittal Rao (Prakash Raj). Why was he kidnapped? and all the rest part is in theater…The film, which was simultaneously shot in Telugu as Cheekati Rajyam with the same cast, was jointly produced by Raaj Kamal Films International and Sri Gokulam Movies.
It's an action thriller that stays true to its genre and a good break from the regular Kollywood films. It has no song and dance, romance or masala. It's a slick, well-made film that takes you through the course of what happens over one night to one man. One must congratulate director Rajesh Selva for coming up with a good debut flick. There is no particular point where you really get bored as the movie is constantly moving. Kamal Haasan - as always - has excelled as the cop and so has Trisha. For Trisha,this is a movie that is a big departure from the commercial films she has been doing so far. At this stage in her career, it's refreshing to see her in such roles.
Little difficult to get high in box office, Thala's 'Vedalam' is the big competitor for the movie. And the aspect towards Kamal's movie, so many recent Kamal's movies got crashed in box office because of some unrelated issues. Expected opening gross 3+ Crores. And Weekend collection as 20+ Crores.
Technical Front End
The storyline is simple, but the pace of the movie and its twists and turns keep you engaged for more than two hours. The editing is quite sharp as well. Suga penned dialogue for this movie. Earlier, he worked closely with Kamal Haasan for Papanasam movie to get the Nellai(Tirunelveli) dialect with the perfection.Suga has already directed Arya’s production venture Padithurai which is yet to be released. Also, he is known for his series in Ananda Vikatan namely ‘Moongil Mudichu’.
Thoongavanam features one song, "Neeye Unakku Raja" in the metal genre, sung by Kamal Haasan and model-turned-singer C. Aishvarrya Suresh, who both performed its Telugu version as well.
Watch the film for Kamal Haasan, because it's an action thriller at the level of a Hollywood movie.