After Gangnam Style PSY - DADDY getting viral on youtube

Again a fabulous song from PSY, “Chiljip Psy-da”. The 7th studio album from PHY, having all the usual content with more fun. The album was released on December 1, 2015, by KT Music and YG Entertainment. It contains 9 tracks , and in that “Daddy” getting worldwide attention as same like Gangnam Style
Watch “Daddy” here below

1. "Dance Jockey"   3:22
2. "I Remember You" (featuring Zion.T) 3:43
3. "Napal Baji"   3:43
4. "Daddy" (featuring CL) 3:50
5. "Dream" (featuring XIA) 3:16
6. "ROCKnROLLbaby" (featuring 4:16
7. "The Day Will Come" (featuring Jeon In-kwon) 3:32
8. "Ahjussi Swag" (featuring Gaeko) 3:09
9. "Sing (Psy Mix)" (with Ed Sheeran)      3:57