Why We need to Say No to Aap Ki Awaaz..?: The Reality

We noticed a new social media campaign named, “Aap Ki Awaaz’. Here we try to re-analyse the biggie minds behind the program.
As the ‘Aap Ki Awaaz’ team says, for decades, India's 'aam dukandaar' has been asking for his right to do business fairly and freely. But his voice has never been heard - until now. Soon, every retailer in the country, from paanwallas to restaurants, kiranas to supermarkets, chaiwallas to chemists, will be empowered to earn more, grow more and compete better.

The campaign only to point out the online shopping websites. Most of the campaign videos are concentrated in Kannada language, so its for sure they try to make it out on India’s techie land Bangalore. As per the recent economic surveys, Bangalore is the highest place where people's buying all their daily needs online.
Why we need Online Shopping…?
For the common people those who buy something in local stationary shop with a price of Rs 1000, then the same product with same quality and more good service ( Return policy, cash backs, 24x7 customer supports etc..) will get at a price of less than Rs 600, through a smart online shopping website like FlipKart, Amazon, shopclues etc… So think why we need to spend around Rs 400 extra….??

Why this price variation happens…?
In local market most of the products came via the hands of so many mediators. But in online shopping sites, they provide the product directly from the Manufactures or Main Distributer. The below diagram says more details…
Why We need to Say No to Aap Ki Awaaz..?: The Reality
Why We need to Say No to Aap Ki Awaaz..?: The Reality

And now most of online shopping brands offers small scale industries to reach their products in wide international market through their services. So think twice and #SayNoToAapKiAwaaz.