Mohanlal's emotional blog on nationalism : JNU row

Mohanlal has commented on the ongoing controversy that has ensued in the country due an event that took place at JNU few days back. Commenting on the issue of nationalism, Mohanlal has spoken about the role of the Army and their sacrifice for the country instead of directly commenting on the JNU controversy.
The blog, written in Malayalam and titled as 'What's the point of us living when India is dying', cites the avalanche in Siachen that killed 9 soldiers recently. Mohanlal writes that how he came across a photo of Lance Naik Sudheesh's four-month-old daughter being shown her father's dead body, and how it is shameful for citizen to sit in the comforts of one's home and speak about freedom and nationalism.

The actor who has received the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army of India, also questioned the 'hypocrisy' of an average citizen who sits within the comforts of his or her house and criticises armed forces.
"We cover ourselves in thick blankets at the first sign of chill in the weather.. We have hot water to brush our teeth and take a bath. It is after utilising these comforts that we go to universities and offices and discuss about our soldiers, abuse them and question them."
He then said that while the common citizen enjoys these comforts, the soldiers spend their time mostly in solitude thinking about the families they left behind, the children they didn't see even once. "I read that even Pakistan was ready to help us retrieve bodies of soldiers in Siachen. Did we show even that much respect to them?"

He said that like a son or daughter cannot abandon their aged parent, we cannot distance ourselves from the nation. "Our country is the soil we stand on, the sky above our heads, the air we breathe, the water we drink and finally the piece of land that we will become one with as we die."

Stating that while he was not interested in the current discussion, the attitude of some left him disturbed, so he urged parents to speak to their children about what the nation means.
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