Kabali : A Honest Classy Entertainer from Rajinikanth Box Office will make biggie records

Everyone is chearing in the theater. Their emotions are not just of joy, but of worship and veneration. Their feelings are the kind you get when your favorite star walks in front of you and shakes your hand. But for the Rajinikanth fans, Rajni walking on the screen is enough for them. The same kind of feverish expressions is captured by director Pa Ranjith in the movie too. The music beats even worships this awesome man called “Kabali”. The movie is not just a kind of Rajinikanth movie, PA Ranjith gives his best and It become one of the best class movie of Superstar. . There is a story about something big and important – Tamilians getting exploited as foreign workers in Malaysia, and how they were not given equal wages by the British rulers. There is his gang warfare with a Chinese ganglord that takes the center stage later. But that story is just the backdrop to Kabali’s story. And Kabali is Rajinikanth. And when Kabali is in the movie, how can the movie be about anything else. Even a character named Tamilvesan is shoved aside to accommodate him. It is Rajinikanth all the time. He calls the shots, he fights the best, he shoots the best, he romances the best. 25 years later, Radhika Apte should have gotten older too, but the filmmakers kept her young. There are no wrinkles on her face, arms or anywhere. They did not even bother to gray her hair in few scenes. She basically looks the same age as her daughter in the movie. Other than Superstar its a movie of Radhika Apte and Dansika and Dinesh. Radhika Apte’s charm comes out in the flashback scenes. Dansika's super cool look gave an awesome impression. Without Radhika, the movie would lose its phase. The music also does its job, straightening our spines during a painfully slow-paced movie. Conducted by Santhosh Narayanan, the background score and songs provide the relief, and also grips us. Finally PA Ranjith, speechless...he gave a mass classy character for super star that every fans as well as common viewers love.