Manamantha is a Vismayam in Box office: Review

Re-introducing one of the best actor in India, Mohanlal to Telugu film industry in a full fledged role by Director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti, he has come up with an unique project called Manamantha.  The film has hit the screens today in Telugu, Tamil and malayalam box office

Manamantha is a Vismayam in Box office: Review

Manamantha is based on the lives of four different individuals. Sairam(Mohanlal) is a simple assistant manager in a supermarket who is eagerly looking to climb up the success ladder in his job.
Gayatri (Gautami) is a down-to-earth housewife who finds happiness in straightforward things and is always looking out for her friends and family members.
Abhiram (Viswant Duddumpadi) is an intelligent college student who has big aims in life and always helps others around him.
Mahita (Raina Rao) is a cute schoolgirl who watches out for others before thinking about herself. How the lives of these four characters change in a matter of a few days with an interesting incident forms the crux of the story.

Perfomance :
The biggest plus point of Manamantha is the plot that the film revolves around. Chandra Sekhar Yeleti takes extra care to make sure it never bores the audience. He cleverly turns a family drama into an entertaining and unique thriller.
Even through the story line is simple, the screenplay changes the game and twists are introduced periodically.
After 10 months a Mohanlal movie getting released. Mohanlal is a treat to watch and gets into the skin of his character with ease. His emotions and body language are splendid in the film.
Gautami proves yet again why she used to be the best in the business and is sublime as the housewife. Another actor who impresses is Viswant of Kerintha fame. He portrays his character well and is a talent to watch out for in the future.
Debutante Raina Rao as the schoolgirl is a surprise and walks away with all the applause. The way the suspense is maintained throughout the film and how all the story lines come together at the end was handled excellently.
The biggest down point of Manamantha is the cinematography. A movie carrying such a beautiful story line needs to have some gripping camera work. Visuals are not up to the mark and give the film just an okay effect.

Being a Sai Korrapati film, the production values are splendid. Background music by Mahesh is impressive. Editing is apt and the different story lines have been woven nicely through an interesting screenplay. Dialogues are excellent.
Coming to director Chandra Sekhar Yeleti, he once again proves that he has ample amount of talent and this is clearly visible with Manamantha. The way he took a simple story line and made it thrilling is just amazing. He also excelled in extracting the best performance from his actors.
Bottom Line
On the whole, Manamantha is a unique family thriller which impresses you completely. Movies like these are rare to come by and when they do, they are a treat to watch. The near perfect casting who gets into the skin of their characters is seamless and undoubtedly the greatest asset for the film. In all Manamantha is a movie which can be enjoyed thoroughly. Watch only in theaters near you.