Is Mammorry and Team Made a Fake News of TGF 50Cr..? : Box Office Analysis

Mammootty’s The Great Father released on 30th March 2017 and on 22 April team officially announced that the movie reached Rs. 50 Cr in box office. Recently we can see that malayalam movies also focusing on box office like bollywood and other industries in India. There is alot fan talk and usual social media war already happened by questioning the reality behind the announced box office collection.
Is Mammorry and Team Made a Fake News of TGF 50Cr..? : Box Office Analysis


On the financial side, the movie released in Kerala on 30th March at 202 theaters. And on the next day it got released in 150 screens all over India. Meanwhile in Kerala 80 screens had the special fan shows, which is a record on the number in Malayalam film history.

And the movie got released in overseas on April 13, 2017. So back to collection, official team and the DCR says the movie collected only 17 Cr from kerala (202 screens) till 22 April.
So the balance amount of  around 33 Cr is collected from below 200 screens all over the world.
Financially an unbelievable collection report. On usual malayalam film behavior is like if it collected 10 cr in Kerala, it will have only 5 cr from all over world.

Is the team used the fake news to make hype on the film around the world..? There is no other believable reports of collection is not yet came out from any of the official team. Anyway Its good to see malayalam also looking forward to Big Budget movies and different kind of financial strategy to market films in a big canvas.