Fidaa Movie Review : Watch for Sai Pallavi's outstanding Performance.

In one line viewers become fidaa on Sai Pallavi. Sekhar Kammula directorial Fidaa tells a story from the female perspective. Sai Pallavi, who is debuting in Telugu cinema with this film and she become the heart and soul of the film.

Sai Pallavi’s dialogue delivery, acting and dancing made the movie better enough to be steady even in week script and editing.
Sai features the role of ‘Bhaanu’, a charming, headstrong village girl. In her own words, “hybrid piece”. She doesn’t want to leave her country, or her father behind after marriage, but she falls in love with her brother-in-law’s brother, Varun (Varun Tej).
Fidaa Movie Review : Watch for Sai Pallavi's outstanding Performance.

The movie is not a kind of usual Telugu love stories, Sekhar Kammula has done something that is unusual to Tollywood film industry. A romantic tale from the female perspective. The beauty lies in the fact that the plot segues so beautifully with the idea that at the end, you end up falling a little bit in love with the characters. Especially Sai Pallavi. While she is the heart and soul of this movie, Varun Tej is the muscle that supports it all.
As a director, it was a great move to cast Sai Pallavi in female lead. However, the movie doesn't have any strong supporting cast.
Well when you look into Varun’s older brother , no much chemistry between the actors, even not perfectly matched with age and look wise also.
In several important scene, Varun and his sister-in-law falls flat. Sharanya Pradeep as Renuka ( Sister of Sai pallavi’s character ) fails in expressive acting and most of the scenes her acting is just flat.
Harshvardhan Rane as Bhanumathi's suitor in a small cameo role, but the one who played his mother went completely wrong in acting, looks like she forced to act without proper lip sink and expressions.
If a viewer had to go “fidaa” over something than Sai Pallavi, then the music is surely it. Shakthi Kanth has done a splendid job and the music is just magical.
The romantic number or the very cheeky wedding song which have an awesome dancing of Sai Pallavi.
Music and cinematography given the film something that no one else probably could, one must say marvellous.
Editing done by the famous Marthand K. Venkatesh
But the another technical flop side is the loose editing,  looks like very sharp in cuts and most of them looks like just for name sake edited.
If the editing is done with more care and supporting cast become little perfect in their performance then it should be a perfect romantic tale. But even though apart from all those, “Fidaa is just amazing with Sai Pallavi’s performance and with a lots of romantic songs