Is really Mersal need to re-censor by accepting the threat of BJP followers..?

Mersal's Producers Say Ready To Make Cuts After Row Over GST References, this short decision is purely because of the threat that is going to become worst and personal for the actors and crew members. Some of the BJP leaders now came into lime-light by referring the religion of Super Star Vijay. Obviously we don’t have any surprise from the leader of that specific party which believes the country is only for some specific religion followers.

Is really Mersal need to re-censor by accepting the threat of BJP followers..?



By the way apart from all here what we discussing about the points that taking over the movie by BJP.
  1. Digital India Dialogue :  What ever Vadivelu’s character conveyed in the movie is correct, We India’s run around the cities for getting some currencies, we spent a life time in ATM queue to get our on deposit as a RATION format ( getting only 2000 perday). What is wrong he said, BJP followers open up your eyes IT HAPPENED IN INDIA few months back…..we still fuckedup with the currecny change decions , even our Growth Driven Profit also getting impacted with that…

  1. GST -  The dialogue about GST is - “ Singapore have only 7% GST there citizens gets FREE medical services. But Indian’s pay 12-28% GST and what we getting...simply Nothing.

    Well team firstshowreview have one more addition in this dialogue….what ever he said is true...Vijay is not against GST, he is trying to convey how other countries use that money to help needy poor peoples.

    So BJP , just goto CANADA as well , they implemented GST in 2008 and citizens pay 5% tax and they are getting FREE Medical services, FREE education and lot more….

    Still it is not true that Indians are not getting anything by paying GST…. we are getting on of the world’s biggest statue ( Statue of Unity- Sardar Vallabhai patel) in Gujarat, government spending just only Rs. 2500+ Crores for that…. Boss Modi government is giving us Free TOILET …..and JIO (sorry it was from Ambani…). Amit Shah’s son become richest ( well we need to learn from him how he made 16000+ profit growth in an year….all these Magics only happens in INDIA…
    Bottom line we stand up for the #Creativity #humanRights #Right_to_Express…. Never with the bloody political parties.

It is not about #Mersal.... it is all about the right to live in India, the right to express,,...and the right to say loud to the King if he is naked in Public... :) India is not BJP's bap's Dowry