Centimeter - A Must Watch Love Story with a bunch of youngsters

It is proud sometime to write about short movies, as it delivers so many new talents to the industry. Some will feel us to stand up and clap after watch and Centimeter is one among that, well scripted and executed approx 54 minutes of long short movie directed by Vaishakh and Vishnu.

Centimeter - A Must Watch Love Story with a bunch of youngsters

As like always the story and screenplay have very big place on movies especially in short movies, as it have the time constraint to convey the actual theme. Here the Devaraj, the lead character himself done a great job with an extremely awesome script. I didn't felt anything new in the story but it overcomes the well scripted plot, dialogues and obviously the performance by few youngsters.

Devaraj as Karvarnan and  Nandagopan as Nandappan deserves a second applause for such an amazing expressions and dialogue delivery. Well felt  Sreedevi as Sree become little bit lower on the race, might be because she  is always be as a shadow of Devaraj's talent on screen.

Gayathri as Gayu done an excellent job with short and sweet role ( i miss the break up and obviously the reason of Nandappan's love story )

Only one scene which may give more impact if the place of camera may be towards the front face of the character that the lower angle ( on the scene after Karvarnan and Sree's breakup - while devaraj walking back ).

Rest of the cast includes Deepak, Sreehari, Sarath, Sudheep, Rahul, Vishnu, Sanjay and all others done very well in their respective roles.

Bottom line : Centimeter is a perfect watch with lots of nice performances, and the best part it didn't felt any sort of length or lagging while watching.

Enjoy the movie here