Avengers: Infinity War Review- An Overstuffed Marvel Fusion

India getting ready to catch-out new Avengers release, The Infinity Wars..One of the much
awaited and promoted version of Avenger series. Well for that extend they are willing to go in
order to deliver shock, suspense and a mostly thrilling experience.
Avengers: Infinity War, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, clocks in at a butt-numbing 2 hours
and 29 minutes. It does feel long. But it’s also very enjoyable for the bulk of it .
Avengers: Infinity War Review- An Overstuffed Marvel Fusion
The film's first hour, for example, will make you wonder what any nay-saying critic is talking
about. Infinity War opens with an impressive cross-stitching of plotlines and film franchises.
The casts of Thor Ragnarok, Captain America: Civil War, Spider-man Homecoming, Black
Panther, Doctor Strange, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 each received juicy loose-ends
opportunities in their respective films to segue into the crux of Infinity War; all those characters
get to cash in. Thanos, the MCU's baddest bad of them all, is finally making good on his evil
promise to collect every Infinity Stone, which would allow him to overtake the Universe by
way of incredible, mystical might. Now, he's on the homestretch.
Avengers: Infinity War Review- An Overstuffed Marvel Fusion
With that backdrop, the film starts off on a nimble foot. Thanks to Thanos' latest strides, it
doesn't take long for these casts to commingle and face off in puffed-ego fashion. Tony Stark
and Doctor Strange make for a great anti-hero pair by mining opposite ends of the pompous-ass
rainbow. Thor and Star Lord come from divergent comedic perspectives while forging a
strategic path, which plays out with great dialogue—and this sequence is peppered with
tasteful quips from the rest of the GotG cast, to boot.
As because there are so many of them in the mix, it’s practically impossible for every
significant character to get a huge amount of screen-time here. Inevitably some get more to do
than others. I was especially bummed to see one of my favourites, Scarlett Johansson’s Black
Widow, criminally underutilised. Even a promising fight scene between four badass female
characters is prematurely and abruptly cut off. Frankly the only fella who gets a chunk of
cinematic real estate is Thanos. In addition to destroying everything in his path in pursuit of
those coveted Infinity Stones, his complicated relationship with adopted daughters Gamora
(Zoe Saldana) and Nebula (Karen Gillan) yields some surprisingly affecting moments.
t’s true also of other narrative strands. Infinity War has some well-earned and genuinely
emotional moments involving characters you’ve had many years to be invested in. The action
too never feels like a blur. Superhero films tend to climax in loud, messy CGI battles (both the
previous Avengers films are guilty of this) that go on and on until the razor-sharp cutting
makes your eyes glaze over and you can’t tell who’s doing what to whom. The action sequences
in Infinity War – and there are plenty – never feel generic, perhaps because there are so many
distinct superheroes and superpowers at play. The final stretch, in fact, is especially bold and
somber, with the filmmakers raising the stakes in a way that these films seldom do.
Bottom Line :
The biggest Marvel superhero film to date leaves a ton of stuff for its viewers to unpack,
and fans of Marvel's recent high-quality output may assume that's great news.Some fun
and tons of polish, but there's no getting around a hollow core.Clearly, more Marvel films

will follow to upend Infinity War's lowest lows.