Nivin Pauly's Mikheal Team started deleting Negative reviews from facebook including famous Movie Groups

Much hyped Haneef Adeni, Nivin Pauly and Unni Mukundan combo, Mikhael reached theater yesterday and got lots of negative reviews on social media.

The revenge thriller failed impress audience with repeated plot and story line. Nivin Pauly also got a bunch of negative stones from the viewers for his bad acting and dialogue delivery in mass scenes. In earlier also Nivin got slap from fans while "Sakhavu" got released.

Anyway now the team behind Mikhael started to delete negative reviews and Famous movie groups from social media (Movie Munshi, Movie Trackers etc). Many of social media critics lost there pages and personal profiles as well. This kind of fake boosting for a movie in Malayalam industry is something new and should not be acceptable, by law everyone have rights to comment on particular incidents, either it is negative or postive all should be consider with sportsman spirit.