Get shocked about to hear that most popular song of the year, "Malare Ninne kanathirunnal" from Premam movie got deleted from youtube.
Its uploaded officially by "Anwar Rasheed Entertainment Official" on 20 th evening. And Its already made a great vibe in youtube with more than 8 lakhs views within a day.

But today its showing like "This video is no longer available due to a copy right claim by Muzik247."

Its not much fare claiming a video after reaching this much views and its uploaded officially by the produced.

25/June/2015 :

Recent Update : Later "Anwar Rasheed Entertainment Official" reclaimed the song now its available on youtube at  "Anwar Rasheed Entertainment Official youtube channel"


Premam Malare Video Song got deleted from Youtube.
Premam Malare Video Song got deleted from Youtube.


It get shocked to see....#Malare song from #Premam got removed after reaching 8 Lakhs views.| Read Complete News...
Posted by Futurecreater.in on Monday, 22 June 2015

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