Dirty picture review

Dirtiest movie

There's one type of film that attracts audience by titillating them with item numbers, then there's one that cheekily slips in some skin show in a bid to provide some 'entertainment' and then there's one that revels in its boldness and unabashedly celebrates blatancy and serves itself in a steaming hot platter ready to be devoured! The Dirty Picture is one such film.

The pre-release buzz numbers of this film are so high that even while this review is being written there might by thousands of tickets being booked in advance to catch the first day first show. So let's find out whether this sizzler actually provides for some substance or not.

Inspired from the life of south siren and '80s dancing star Silk Smitha, The Dirty Picture (TDP) is the story of Reshma (Vidya Balan), a small town, poor and tackily dressed woman with fire in her belly to make a name in the South Film industry. She can do anything to quench her thirst for becoming a successful star and despite repeated demeaning rejections it's her passion that keeps her going on. She eventually breaks the jinx by unabashedly choosing to make a 'compromise' and that's it. From there begins the rise of the sex siren Silk who wooed all men making them move to her tunes and left everyone panting and lusting for more with each film of hers. But just as quickly as this sensuous diva rises to stardom and success, she falls as steeply into anonymity.

Known for her in-your-face attitude that even reflects in her films, Ekta Kapoor has surely redefined Hindi cinema with ballsy films like Love Sex Aur Dhoka or Ragini MMS. A dialogue in the film 'Picture chalti hai sirf teen cheeson se, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!' is one statement that aptly defines Ekta's films as she brings in a perfect blend of realism, boldness, masala and storyline.

But as they say a producer is only as good as a money machine and a film eventually lies in the hands of a director. Milan Luthria who snatched a roaring success with his last release Once Upon A Time In Mumbai this time around takes his filmmaking expertise to another level. He handles a bold topic in its boldest avatar without crossing the line of vulgarity and gives ample amount of entertainment.

The entire first half is highly entertaining making you clap, hoot or whistle every five minutes. The biggest take away of the film are its dialogues. Writer Rajat Arora has done an exceptionally brilliant job in penning some of the wittiest double entendres that were never heard before. The repartees, the below the belt jokes or even the one liners of Silk make you guffaw, clap and whistle.

The second half slumps considerably with the love angle between Abraham and Silk and even the downfall of Silk appears a little superficial. The editing of the film could be tight to make for a crisp experience. The prelude to the end appears too stretched making you restless.

However, if there's one thing that can cover all the flaws or even more if there were any it's Vidya Balan. With The Dirty Picture she unleashes a wild and bold side of hers that has never been seen before. TDP is a Vidya Balan film all the way. She delivers a crackling performance that of an unapologetic sex siren. Her buxom and voluptuous avatar and all the seductress moves are spot on and unblemished. She not only celebrates the boldness of her character but even brings out the vulnerability of Silk brilliantly.

Vidya's performance couldn't be praiseworthy if it weren't for the contribution of acting legend Naseeruddin Shah who yet again delivers an outstanding performance as the South Superstar of the '80s, Suryakant. One can only be jaw-dropped, gaping at the energy and versatility of an actor who from doing offbeat films can switch to running around trees grooving with his leading lady. Kudos to Naseeruddin for bringing in the right masala to TDP. Tusshar Kapoor's role remains too small and doesn't quite come out well while Emraan Hashmi acts well.

Music by Vishal-Shekhar is exceptionally well and has already become a hit among the masses.

To sum it up, The Dirty Picture reiterates that bold is beautiful. A ballsy entertainer that deserves a watch!