Swapna Sanjari-Review

Jayaram’s Swapna Sanjari

Kamal's Swapnasanchari tells the story of a man by the name of Ajayan (Jayaram) who had had quite a humble beginning in life. Having started off as a peon in a government office, Ajayan discovers money and fame, when he strikes gold in the Gulf.

We need to admit that Ajayan is another Pranchiyettan, but not even half as adorable as the latter. This man as well as his portrayal are more shallow, and as a result not many of his antics win our hearts. There is very little sympathy that you feel towards him, and even as he drowns in waves of despair, you simply do not feel like reaching out to him.

As the title suggests, this is a man for whom no money is enough money. He coaxes his wife Rashmy (Samvrutha) to believe that its impossible almost to reduce the standards of living in the future. Allwe could do hence is to mint some more wealth.

This could have made interesting filmi stuff a fifty years back. I do not mean to suggest that the implications of a tale as this do not hold any ground any more. In fact, I admit that they do, but the sad thing is that there won't be many ears around, that are willing to listen to it any more.

Not just Ajayan, almost all the characters in the film have been painted a million times before. There is this terminally ill class mate of Ajayan's daughter, whose very appearance makes it obvious as to where all this is headed. Ajayan offers to carry out a surgery for her, and prizes for guessing that his plans go topsy-turvy.

It takes quite a while for Ajayan to realize that that there is nothing probably as gratifying as the company of loved ones. There is no end to the preaching to drive home this one point, and the joy that we feel when his dad asks him to shut up once and for all at the end, is therefore justifiable. One wishes a bit more restraint was maintained through out the film as well.

So has Jayaram done justice to the title role? Absolutely. But the challenges are nil for the actor, and neither are there any fresh opportunities to break any new ground. Samvrutha has matured into a seasoned actress, and the hapless wife and the trauma that she goes through is safe in the actor's hands.

It's a story that goes on the following lines. There lived a man who was a pauper once, and there was no end to his arrogance when he became rich. He became evil, and his wickedness knew no bounds, until his fortunes changed. He fell down with a thud, and what a might thud it was.
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