Dileep as women in MAYAMOHIMI

Dileep dons a novel avatar of a tender darling in Mayamohini

Dileep as Mayamohini
Dileep as Mayamohini
Mollywood is abuzz of Dileep’s new look of a female in his upcoming film ‘Mayamohini’. Here he plays wife of Biju Menon’s. This film further enhances Dileep’s acting skills and accentuates his versatility.
Talking about his role in rib tickling comedy caper Dileep informs, “Getting my eyebrows plucked was the most difficult and painful part of it all! I salute women who go through that pain. In fact, I was asking Manju (wife) the other day about how she could remain so happy after a visit to the beauty parlor.”
It’s not only that he has to adopt, but he also has to master the gait of a woman. He feels that to follow a female’s gait is quite challenging.
Dileep also commented that the gait of a woman was another challenge to master. Here is a sneak peek at the latest still from the film.