Casanova- Box office collection Report

sCASANOVA- Super HIT…………

CASANOVA celebrating 50th Day on 15-03-2012
As per the trade talks the movie is gatherd about 21.65 crores in 25 Days from all releasing centers all over the world.

Casanova is not like other hits of Mohanlal (China town, Christian Brothers etc), but the main issue that pulls the movie back is it's over publicity before the release of the movie. Casanova,without any doubt, is a good movie. Roshan Anddrews and Mohanlal together had done a good work again.
The first half of the movie was superb. It has everything in it. Style, glamour, action, twist and stunning background music. Even the rating of first half will go over 4.5 out of 5. The introduction scene of Mohanlal is the punch of first half in the movie Casanova. He comes with a big bang and from there onwards the Casanova takes his journey. He has something in his mind on the arrival to Dubai. First half has three songs, three superb songs. Lal dances, Lal gives punch dialogues and he was amazing
Second half of Casanova is not like the expectation. The movie goes to a flash back. Shreya comes here. She is Lal's pair. Ultimately Casanova falls in love with her. But he looses her. And he is in his journey to find who did it. Here comes the villains. The four boys gangs. I have to say that the four youngsters have done a good work.

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