"22 FEMALE KOTTAYAM" - Review & Theater Report

Aashiq Abu is again back with a new experimental movie 22 FEMALE KOTTAYAM, Starring Rima kallingal & Fahad Fazil. After the path breaking Salt N Pepper, aasihq abu has picked another different subject and made it into a refreshingly story.
After successful theater release the viewers all are together saying that it is a must watch movie,a bold attempt that should be appericiated for its sincierity. The movie surely shake you up with some shoking questions. 22 FK is a reflection of what we see around us in our society, shown in a very honest manner. The film potraited about the problems that are created by a Educational or Job agencies in a nursing student/job seekers life in Bangalore. Shyju khalid's camera work for the movie is great.
The story is written by Abilash Kumar and Shyam pushkaran is all about Tesse Abraham and Cyril mathew (Rima Kallingal and Fahad Fazil) , their love, their travails and their relationship.
The story is also deals with eve teasing, photographing of unsuspecting females followed by blackmail and other kind of silent violence on women. The boldness shown by the director in speaking out aganist such outrageous acts and the reactions of the women concerned will hopefully bring about a change among the youth in kerala.
Tesre k abraham is a well qualified nurse from Kottayam working in CMS Hospital in Bangalore. As is the wont of present day nurses, Tessa too has dreams of going to canada and for this purpose, she approaches a visa agency. There she meets Cryil mathew (Fahad Fazil) and very soon they are fall in love. But things don't turn out the way she wanted and she has to face some stark and brutal realities which are prevalent in today's society. She turns into an avenging angel and the way she sets about to achieve her ends is what the movie is all about.
Rima kallingal in the heroin role. And surely it will be her best performance so far in her carrier.
CAST - Rima Kallingal, Fahad Fazil, Prathap Pothan, T.G Ravi, Sathar.
Directer- Aashiq Abu.
Producer- Ogee.
Banner- Film Brewery.
Music- Rex Vijayan & Bijibal.
Camera-Shyju Khalid.
Editing- Vivek Harshan.
Art - Bawa.
Story- Abilash Kumar & Shyam Pushkaran.
Costume- Sameera Sanish.
RATING- 9.75/10.
Verdict- No negative in this movie. A must watch movie for this year.
ALERT- Please must watch the Nursing Students and Their Parents.