DIAMOND NECKLACE - Review And Theater Report

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Diamond Necklace is a 2012 Malayalam film directed by Lal Jose, starring Fahad Fazil, Samvrutha Sunil, Gauthami Nair and Anusree in the lead roles. The movie is reached the theatres on today.The movie has three heroines in it, among whom Samvrutha Sunil plays the lead role.
This movie got very small amount of releasing centers in (24 theaters) kerala.
According to the first show report the movie will be a hit and is under the category of best classical-commercial and an experimental movie.
The movie will have Fahad Fazil in the lead with three heroines played by Samvrutha Sunil, Gauthami Nair and Anushree. Anusree was the winner of a reality show on Surya TV called Vivel Active Fair Big Break. The movie is produced by Lal Jose himself. Produced as a debut venture of his production house LJ films, the movie will have him uniting with Ikbal Kuttipuram.Sreenivasan and Jagathy Sreekumar are also in the cast list of the movie which will have Sameer Thahir cranking the camera. It was widely reported that Amala Paul had agreed to play a female lead in the film, later she was later replaced by Gauthami Nair of Second Show fame.

DIAMOND NECKLACE’, a Dubai based story of a doctor and his unexpected confrontation with matters other than medical.
The film’s tagline is a ‘A Romantic Tale on the Verge of Reality’ and the story lives up to the tagline. Lal himself produces the movie through LJ Films.

Sreenivasan run an automobile workshop and people close to him call him Venuettan affectionately. Venuettan combines a bit of social work with his business. Besides, he comes from the same village as Arunkumar(Fahad Fazil). He has some connections with Arunkumar’s family and is indebted to them for favours received. So when Arunkumar arrives in Dubai to take up a job as doctor, naturally he gets in touch with Venuettan quite regularly. Arunkumar, a post graduate from abroad, loves his job as a doctor but enjoys a wonderful life outside his profession as well. And then three girls enter his life in the forms of fashion designer Maya(Samvritha Sunil), nurse Lakshmi(Gauthami Nair) and artist Kalamandalam Rajasree (Anusree). The hilarious scenes when Dr.Arunkumar and his three girlfriends get together are depicted in ‘DIAMOND NECKLACE’.

Fahad Fazil looks a natural for the role of the flamboyant doctor, moving with ease from one episode to another. He is suave, romantic and sophisticated in the role of the much sought-after doctor. This movie could be a portent to bigger things for the young actor. Samvritha Sunil reveals a different facet of her acting talent with a polished performance as the fashion designer. She is sprightly, charming and enacts her part with absolute clarity and understanding. Anusree, making her debut, shows none of the discomfiture associated with a rookie, and produces a solid and remarkable performance. Gauthami Nair as the nurse, is subtle, as is the need for that role and her restrained acting adds value to the movie. Sreenivasan enacting the role of Venuettan is first-rate. Manian Pilla Raju and Rohini is usual Fine. Rest of the cast is alright.

Lal Jose has navigated the sequences skillfully and the characters have come alive in his expert hands. Dr.Iqbal Kuttipuram keeps the dialogues sparkling with humour and some of the one-liners are absolutely hilarious. Vidyasagar proves his mettle again with some fantastic music in yet another Lal Jose film. Music is one of the main highlight of the flick. Sameer Thahir’s visuals are amazing and eye-catching. Art is by Mohandas and Ranjan Abraham edits the movie and both have done a very decent job.

On the whole, the movie has its imperfections especially in the middle portions which might put the viewer to dull but is saved by the outstanding performances of Fahad Fazil and Samvritha Sunil who have carried the film on their shoulders.