MALLU SINGH- Theater Report and Review

Story Line
Hari has been missing for more than seven years and Ani wanted to find him. Hari was Ani's friend from childhood; besides Ani's little sister Ashwathi's wedding was almost finalized with Hari, her cousin. So Ani sets forth to Punjab with great expectations of finding Hari. He was not sure why Hari had to disappear especially when you know the depth of his love to Ashwathi. He found his mother in tears most of the time and watching her, he decided that he must reach Hari somehow.
In Punjab, he arrives in Mallu Street and to his wonder, he locates Hari. But Hari's name is Harinder Singh, he courts a beard and turban and his attire is purely Punjabi. Even in his behavior, Harinder Singh alias Mallu Singh looks a typical Punjabi. Ani wanted to make sure about Hari's identity and so decides to stay put for a longer period. While contemplating the hurdles he has to overcome in a strange land to learn the truth, help arrives in the form of Karthi and Pappan. Together, the three go in search of proof to make sure that Mallu Singh is Hari. Somewhere along the line, Suseelan joins the threesome making the situation worse. Suseelan came to Punjab to start a hair cutting saloon but on finding that no one in Punjab cuts his hair, took up cycle repair as his occupation for survival. Their probes and inquiries lead them through many adventures and they are featured very humorously in Mallu Singh.
First half is better than second half.

Negatives –
·         Actresses doesn't have any important roles... After watching this movie we should think like that "what is the need of that actresses inthis movie".
      Over Fight sequences during the introduction of Mallu singh, over 8 minutes of fight in   one scene.
·         And the Editing of this scene is not so good.
Positive –
·         Cameraman done a good job to capture the color and beauty of Panjab.
·         Background setups for each songs are extra ordinary. Direction is good
·         Story/Script : 5/10
·         Direction : 8/10
·         Overall Performance : 7.5/10

Di  Drected by : Vyshakh
Produced by
: Neeta Anto
Written by
: Sethu
: Kunchacko Boban,Unni Mukundan,Samvrutha Sunil,Rupa Manjari,Meera Nandan,Biju  Menon,Manoj K Jayan,Suraj Venjaramood
Music by
: M Jayachandran
: Shaji
Editing by
: Mahesh Narayanan