Love Journey Review

                                                                    Love Journey                                                                           
                                                                      (1 / 5)  : Poor                                                                            
Unfortunately, after two plus hours of sitting through this film, you'd feel like asking yourself the question, why does all love films have to be so damn predictable and soulless. The most cliched love story today is, two guys falling head over heels for the same girl and eventually battling it out for her. 'Love Journey' is a perfect example of yet another love story with cliched story line and predictable climax.

Rajesh and Kaushik, two college students fall for the same girl, the adorable Anu. When Rajesh is still attempting to express his feeling to Anu; Kaushik on the other hand goes to the extent of visiting Anu's house with his parents. Who eventually gets Anu forms the rest of the story?

Although the director attempts to keep the film as realistic as possible, there's hardly any entertaining factor that will inspire you to go and watch this film. The characters rise up to the occasion and deliver a noteworthy performance however all effort goes unnoticed due to a sloppy plot.

Jai stands out and delivers a memorable performance while Shazahn brings forth decent acting with adequate sleaziness. The screenplay proves to be the film's downfall. Also the pace at which the film progresses in a way irks and puts you to sleep. The second half is haphazard and to top it all, there's a horrendous climax to turn your experience bitter.

Direction wasn't bad but definitely requires lot of attention to detail and passion. Off late, music has become the savior of several films but 'Love Journey' isn't one among those blessed films that have been salvaged by music. Music in this film is passable and other departments really don't deserve any attention at all.