Telugu Movie Oka Romantic Crime Katha Review

                                                                      Oka Crime Katha                                                                 
                                                                        (2 / 5)  : Average                                                                             
'Oka Crime Katha' deals with a very sensitive subject, rising juvenile delinquency, in a cliched fashion that only backfires. As a director you need to be extra careful whilst dealing with a sensitive subject. You need to inspire your audience but not make them regret their decision of watching the film. Unfortunately, all you get from OCK is the latter and not even some percentage of the former.

Based on a simple premise, no wrongdoing will ever go unnoticed; Suneel weaves a story centered on two characters, straying lovers and the little mistakes they commit along the way to be together. From one problem commit something more serious and eventually the movie winds up with the offenders showing no trace of guilt but also having no fear in admitting to the crime when cornered.
The director takes a dig at the modern day youth and their perspective of looking things around them. With casual attitude, they take things with zero seriousness level and question authority of any kind upon them. According to Suneel, today's younger generation is suffering from attention deficit syndrome, which by the way is true. It's very obvious throughout the film that the girls and boys are not ignorant of anything, right from biology to murder, according to the director. From the attention seeking girls who dress up with some extra padding in order to attract the opposite sex, there's also some emphasis on how the youngsters of today, commit a crime, and also have the guts to accept it and call a media briefing to earn some publicity.

What you see in the film is 100 percent true in realty however as a director you should remember that you're catering to commercial audience who'd discard any kind of experiment. The director presents with several reasons that lead to the development of each character. These reasons are smartly handpicked, from ADD to wants turning in desires, to help us understand the motive behind each character.

The performances are passable while dialogues fail to evoke interest. Music is bad and the songs, the duets were definitely unnecessary. The film's intent is well handled but we have to wait and see whether the film has any impact on teens and their parents.