Telugu movie Dhammu Review

                                                                                                 3.0  rating                                                                          
Finally, we have a movie from Boyapati Srinu and N.T.R combination and boy does Srinu know how to entertain one and all and keep everybody hooked on to their seats. Sources reveal that Srinu approached N.T.R with the script of his debut film 'Bhadra' but unfortunately the latter didn't show keen interest then. However, N.T.R only realized after the release of the film that he had let go off a golden opportunity. 

At the outset, let me quickly highlight that 'Dammu' is not for those who are lighthearted. 'Dammu' in English means confidence and as a viewer you need to be confident of what you're watching. The film in short deals with two warring families with a similar aspiration; to become the voice of the village. Although killing each other is the main goal, the family with negative domination yearns to ensure that no male child is born so that they reign supreme. After 25 years, N.T.R rises from hiding to keep up the challenged posed by his late father.

'Dammu' has the heart of a ruler and the passion of a filmmaker who's known for dealing with blood feud with sincerity. Although the film is loud and melodramatic in its presentation yet it works because of one man; he's N.T.R. Srinu who's labeled as a master in weaving heart wrenching action saga, delivers an entertainer with adequate amount of action and a bundle of interesting dialogues. Undoubtedly, nobody else can deliver dialogues as good as N.T.R come what may. It was a treat watching him mouth dialogues with stern and commitment. Action sequences were as bloody as one might anticipate them to be however few shots were outstanding. 

N.T.R is definitely one of the matured heroes in the industry and he portrays the same on-screen. This film is completely shouldered by him and I doubt how effective someone else would've been in his role. In a way, Srinu intelligently places the onus on N.T.R as he knows he's capable of keeping it afloat. Karthika and Trisha live up to expectation in their respective roles. Venu provides few laughable moments while Nasser pulls off his role with conviction. 

In essence; 'Dammu' is made for N.T.R and his fans only. As a viewer it's at your discretion to watch or trash this film.