Telugu movie Memu Vayasuku Vacham Review

                                                                    Vayasuku Vaacham                                                                
                                                                            (2.5 / 5)  : Above Average                                                                                             
Everybody enjoys a love story, and if it's in a college then the level of enjoyment has no bounds at all. However, in the process to make a simple love story appear grandeur, Tollywood films go little overboard and make the experience bitter. The film in discussion is a classic example of the case discussed above.

MVV takes what most of us are aware of - a simple college love story and blows it out of proportion to only make the initial setting of the film artificial. Revolving around college love story, the film narrates the story of Lucky and Dil. Lucky falls in love with Dil - a Muslim girl who's getting engaged in three days and has decided to quit college. Worried he might lose her forever, Lucky attempts to win her heart and succeeds in the process only to elope eventually. What follows is self explanatory. 
The film starts off very charmingly, taking us through the college corridors and giving us a glimpse of a lifestyle that most of us would be more than willing to take back. However, right when you feel like getting accustomed to the plot, MVV takes you on ride that'd never wished. There too many moments that make you feel like 'been-there-seen-that' and some other moments those register in your head for some time.

At one point, MVV takes a dig at women - how they make them appear selfless, heartless and fickle. The director also shows how the heroine lacks the courage to face her family. She's consumed by a whirlpool of emotions when she realizes she is in love but continues to be in a state of denial.

Mem Vayasuku Vacham may not be an excellent film but it definitely is an attempt worth discussing. Everything fell in place and moves along without too many loopholes. The film's inundated with cliches however not pretentious.

Tanish's performance is mediocre while Neethi Taylor, his lady love perfectly fits the role. She was cute and down to earth in the character she portrayed. Music is better if not spoken about however cinematography deserves a mention.