Ek Tha Tiger Reviews

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EK THA TIGER was one of the most awaited films of 2012 which finally released today (on 15th August). It has been produced under the banner of Yash Raj Films and has been directed by Kabir Khan. It falls in the genre of romantic- action -thriller. The main attraction of it is Salman Khan (or Salman-Katrina pair). But does it live up to your expectations? Read the review below.
Story : 'Tiger' (Salman Khan) (whose real name is Avinash Rathode, which is revealed at last) is a RAW agent. He is very dangerous for his enemies and is mostly on some missions. Girish Karnad is his chief who keeps giving him assignments. Both of them are unmarried and both have their own stories (reasons) for being unmarried.
One day his chief sends him on a mission to keep an eye on a professor (Professsor Kidwai) because chief was informed that the professor might be involved with ISI agents and be sharing his vital research material regarding missiles.
'Tiger' leaves for his mission pretending to be a writer and tries to follow the professor. But in order to achieve his goal he has to take help of Zoya (Katrina Kaif) who is very close to the professor. But while going closer to the professor he goes closer to Zoya and falls in love. Later on he comes to know that she was an ISI agent. He gets shocked. He has to kill her now. He even fires at her but does he kill her? Who is killed by his bullet?
What is the end of their love story? All such queries are answered in the remaining part of the film.
Acting : Salman Khan's acting is good. His fits into the role of RAW agent completely because of his robust personality. He has done his action scenes very well. However, in some scenes he looks calm (may be due to the effect of his surgery). He also looks a little overweight. He would have looked better had he lost a few kilos. Katrina Kaif looks good. She has also acted well. The chemistry between the two appears to be excellent. Girish Karnad is as usual. Ranbir shorey could not impress or was it because of his less footage?
Script : The storyline is very weak and confusing. The writer seemed to be confused and didn't know which way to go. Even screenplay is not so tight and there are many loopholes in it. However, dialogues are good.
Music : Music is composed by 2 different composers. If you consider Sajid-Wajid two composers than you should read it as 3 composers! All the songs are almost good. But the song composed by Sajid-Wajid titled as 'Mashallah' is the best and has already become hit. It appears to be pleasant and you can listen to it again and again. But it has been wasted and comes when the film ends and when you get up to exit. It has been sung by Wajid and Shreya Ghosal in a very well manner. The song 'Laptaa' is also pleasant in listening and has been sung by K.K & Palak Muchhal. 'Saiyaara' is also well composed and sung well by Mohit Chauhan and Taraanum Malik. The music of the song 'Banjaara' is better than the remaining songs (but not better than 'Mashallah').
Background music by Julius Packiam is top notch. The theme music of this film is excellent which is one of the biggest plus points of it.
Cinematography : Cinematography by Aseem Mishra is good while capturing long shots and action sequences but not good while capturing the close ups of Salman & Katrina. The DOP could have made them to appear more beautiful and smart but in some close ups he has shown them dull.
Costumes : Costumes department has also not done its job properly. It could have given better costumes to Katrina Kaif.
Choreography : There are two choreographers in this film-Vaibhavi Merchant & Ahmed Khan. It is not clear who has choreographed which song. However, choreography of the song 'Mashallah' is excellent which you could have also watched in trailers and promos. The choreography of 'Banjaara' is also okay. But 'Lapataa' song has been filmed differently (running in boats etc.) and it is choreographed in such as way that you can't write about its choreography.
Action : Stunts of this film are top notch. It has been done by several people of foreign country. Its action scenes and sequences are brilliant and breathtaking. A lot of chasing and vehicle hitting scenes has been done which make the film lavish and give you the feeling of action-spy-thriller. The action/stunt of the tram/metro type train scene in a foreign country is also breathtaking and your paisa is vasool while watching the scene when Salman stops the tram/mini metro. Another action scene which is very impressive comes just before the end when 'Tiger' jumps from his bike and grabs the plane which Katrina is flying.
Its beginning chase scene is also excellent and the credit goes to the stunt director. You remain hooked at your seat when the action begins.
Direction : Though Kabir Khan has directed big films like 'Kabul Express' and 'New York' in the past, he could not explore his talent in this film. If you take out action sequences, you would hardly get anything worth watching. However, Kabir Khan has filmed some scenes very beautifully such as kitchen scene between Salman & Katrina; between Salman & the dog etc.
Plus Points : Mind Blowing Stunts; Salman Khan's Superb Action; Excellent Music
Minus Points : Weak storyline; Weak Direction;
Overall Review : The director could have chosen a tight story but he couldn't. The storyline is weak and the film has not come as you might have expected. It is not a spy/RAW agent story; it is a different kind of love story. You don't understand till the end what the missions of 'Tiger' were in the whole film! Apart from chasing others and beating them what else he had done as a RAW agent? You could hardly find its answers. He is sent on a mission to observe Professor Kidwai but his most of the time is spent in being with his lover Zoya. What about his mission? It is not clear? What was Zoya doing in his house? Stealing data? Why couldn't she steal data for so many days and if she hadn't stolen the data, why did she allow 'Tiger' to get so close to her that he could interrupt her work anytime? If she was an ISI agent, and if she was guessing that he could not be a writer (because she had seen his rough hands; cut marks on face and also hitting the target) then why didn't she ever suspect that he could be someone else?
What about Professor Kidwai?
When 'Tiger' elopes with his girlfriend 'Zoya' why Girish Karnad wants him to be killed? Any RAW agent, at the time of retirement, knows so many secrets of this organization. So does it mean that at the time of retirement the agent should be killed? It is a big question which is not made clear in this film.
Also the director has wasted the best song 'Masallah' by inserting it when the film ends. It seems that earlier Sohail Sen was giving its music solely but recently many films of Sajid Wajid has become blockbuster such as 'Rowdy Rathore' which might have lured its makers to rope in Sajid-Wajid at the last stage! God knows what the truth is! But one thing is clear that they have used the best song at last which goes against the film and eventually disappoints the audience.
Conclusion : It has been released worldwide and in India it has been released in nearly 3000 screens. It has been reported that despite price hike in its tickets in multiplexes, most of the shows were going houseful in multiplexes and many audience had to go back with sad face because they could not get its ticket on 15th August. No other film is there to compete it and Salman has a huge fan following. Hence it will earn good revenue.
But the film is not so well made and it is not what you had expected by seeing its trailers and by watching its promos. 'Tiger' has hardly done any job in it as a RAW agent. Of course he has fallen in love with Zoya as a RAW agent! Hence I doubt that this film would be a blockbuster. But when there is Salman, even weak content can work! Hence you can't predict anything. However, it is sure that it will not be a flop and will do fair/good business (if not a blockbuster). It is reported that its making cost is INR 75 Crores. It may reach its break even point or go beyond that; but not too much!!
Verdict : Do not expect Salman doing anything as a RAW agent! Go to watch excellent action and stunts in it! It is surely a one time watch. The best thing is that you can watch it with your family because it does not contain vulgarity or double meaning dialogues and also makes you smile at a few places.