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SHIRIN FARHAD KI TOH NIKAL PADI is a Hindi feature film which released on 24th August, 2012. It has been directed by Bela Bhansali Sehgal and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It falls in the genre of romance-comedy. Is it worth watching? Read the review below.
Story : Farhad (Boman Irani) is a Parsi man of 45 years. Due to various reasons, he is still a bachelor. He lives with his mother (Daisy Irani) and grand mother (Shammi Aunty). His mother is too much concerned about his marriage. She wants him to get married as soon as possible. So whenever she gets a chance she lies so that he could get married. She tells lie to the girl's family that her son has his own garment business, possesses farm and property of crores in nearby area etc. The girl's family get impressed but to their surprise and to his mother's shock, he interrupts his mother and tells them the truth that since his mother loved him too much she was telling lies about him. He tells them that he did not possess farm or garment factory and he was just a salesman in a retail shop. Thus, before any relation is formed, it is broken and he remains unmarried and doesn't regret for it.
One day Shirin (Farah Khan) visits his shop to buy some clothes. Some funny moments take place and Farhad falls in love at the first sight after knowing that she too was still single. Shirin too looks impressed by him. He follows her when she goes out and asks her cell number. She tells that if destiny would want, they would meet again soon without exchanging phone numbers. And thus she leaves.
On one hand Farhad feels excited that he had found out the girl who could be his life partner but on the other hand he gets upset that he didn't even know her name or address..How would he move ahead?
But things take turn and he happens to meet her soon.
Actually Shirin works as a secretary of an organisation. She finds out that a tank was built in Farhad's flat which was illegal and needed to be demolished. She doesn't know that it is the same Farhad who she met in the panty – bra shop. She issues orders to get that tank demolished.
Farhad's mother gets angry to know her orders. She gets furious when Shirin sends some concerned workers to demolish the tank. The workers demolish the tank in front of Farhad and his mother and they could do nothing except cursing them and shouting at them.
It was a very small matter but Farhad's mother was emotionally attached with the tank because her husband had built it more than 25 years ago. And above all she didn't find it illegal.
She sends her son Farhad to Shirin to scold her and quarrel with her. Obeying his mother's orders, Farhad goes to meet Shirin to scold her but when he sees her, he gets shocked and pleasantly surprised. He hides the real cause why he was there. On the other hand Shirin thinks that finally he had found her out! Farhad tells her that destiny wanted them to meet again so he met her and so he asks her cell number. This time she could not deny giving her phone number.
After some days a meeting (get together) is held of Parsi community and Farhad is thrilled to see Shirin too present there. This 'get together' is held to select life partners where girls and boys select their life partners but when Farhad goes on stage and gives introduction about himself (especially when he tells them that he was a salesman who used to sell bra and panties) all make fun of him and laugh at him in mocking way. Farhad feels hurt which touches Shirin very much. She gets impressed to see his honesty. She too falls in love with him.
Farhad conveys this to his mother and grandmother that finally he had got his love. His mother is too much excited and gives approval for their marriage.
One day Farhad brings Shirin to his house on lunch/dinner so that he could introduce his family and Shirin to each other. While eating food Shirin tells them that there was a budhiya (बुढ़िया) who used to call her everyday and curse her for getting the tank demolished. If that budhiya (बुढ़िया) would come in front of me I would beat that budhiya (बुढ़िया) with this and that! When Farhad's mother comes to know that Shirin was the lady same lady who had got her tank demolished, she reacts badly! It appeared quite funny for the audience but Shirin doesn't realise what she was doing. Farhad tries to stop her but she doesn't understand what he wanted to say.
After Shirin is gone, Farhad's mother declares that she would never accept her as her daughter in-law as she was her biggest enemy.
Farhad is shocked and gets in dilemma.
Now at no cost Farhad's mother wants to accept Shirin as Farhad's wife.
What would be the result of Shirin-Farhad's love story? Its answer is shown in the remaining part of the film.
Acting : Boman Irani is very good as a 45 year bachelor. He has acted very well and suits the character. Farah Khan (who has established herself as a choreographer and director) has done superb acting as Shirin. She has justified her character very well. However, if you are expecting that being a choreographer, she might have danced extremely well than you are wrong. Though her steps are good; you will get the feeling that she is not enthusiastic while dancing and is very slow. Only her upper parts move fast whereas her lower parts appear to be very slow. It appears that she is giving directions to her dancers how to dance!
Kavin Dave has less footage, yet he has justified his part in a well manner. Kurush Deboo has also acted very well even though his role is very short like that of Kavin Dave. Shammi aunty also has done her part very well (in the role of Farhad's grandmother). In the role of Farhad's mother, Daisy Irani is brilliant. She is very impressive and fits into the role 100%.
Script : The story has been written by Sanjay Leela Bhansali which is not new but is good. However, its end is abrupt and does not satisfy the audience. Screenplay and dialogues are above average. The writer/s have created some humorous scenes which are good and make you smile. The writer deesn't make it clear why Farhad didn't tell Shirin that the budhiya (बुढ़िया) about who she was talking ill on the lunch table, was his mother so that she could not repeat the same mistake again.
Music : Background music is up to the mark and according to the requirement of the subject. However, its music is very good in terms of songs. Jeet Ganguly has composed its music which is good. Some songs are very good such as the title song, 'Shirin Farahad Ki To Nikal Padi'. This song has been sung by Neeraj Shreedhar and has already hit the market. Another song 'Ishq Mein Tere Bina' is also a nice love song sung by KK & Shreya Ghosal but due to lack of promotion, it could not hit the market. 'Kukuduku' sung by Mohit Chauhan is also good. 'Ramba Mein Shambha' also appears different and is good which has been sung by Usha Uthup.
Choreography : The song 'Shirin Farahad Ki To Nikal Padi' has been choreographed very well. Many other songs are filmed in the form of montages so they do not need choreography. However, 'Ramba Mein Sambha' has also been choreographed well and you would like its movements.
Editing : Its editing has been done by director Bela Sehgal along with Rajesh Pandey which is up to the mark.
Cinematography : The DOP of this film is Mahesh Aney who has done a good job in portraying Farah Khan beautiful on screen.
Direction : Bela Sehgal had done a good job. She has directed well. Though it appeared to be of adult content by the promos, it is not so and she has kept the film clean (even though Farhad sells bras and panties). This element has been used as humor and not as adult content. She has tried to make you smile and laugh and has succeeded at many places. However, she has introduced a few characters which are vague and unclear. The Parsi character who keeps talking about his marriage with Indira Gandhi is not clear, though it creates a bit humor; even Kurush Deboo is unclear.
The director succeeds in portraying a light love story of two lovers who are in their 40s but fails to give you a proper end. She has made it good but she could have done it better by adding a few more elements.
The director has done a brave & great job to cast hero heroine who are 40+.
Plus Points : Storyline; Humor; Music; Acting
Minus Points : Abrupt End; Star Cast (Though this film doesn't contain big stars as hero-heroine or young stars yet it is far better than many films with big stars which are meaningless)
Conclusion : It is a well made family oriented film so it should attract mass on mouth publicity. But since it has no big stars people may stay away with it which would affect its box office earnings. Also due to 'Ek Tha Tiger' effect, it would get less audience because 'Ek Tha Tiger' is just 10 days old.
Box Office Predictions : It should do average business because it has a different type of love story with humor elements.
Verdict : A well made film; A clean film (with little embarrassing scenes). You can watch it with your family if you don't look for big star casts. It is not a mind blowing film but it will certainly not disappoint you! Go for it!

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