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DELHI IN A DAY is a feature film which released on 24th August, 2012. It has been directed by Prashant Nair and stars Lee Williams, Anjali Patil, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Lilette Dubey.
Story : Jasper (Lee Williams) hails from United Kingdom. He wishes to see the 'real' India. And eventually to fulfill his wish, he comes on a vacation to Delhi. He has a family friend Kulbhushan Kharbanda in Delhi; so he stays in his bungalow. But early on his trip he is shocked to know that his total money is stolen from his room. He has no inkling about the person who could have done so. When no one could find any name to be blamed, his hosts blame none other than the domestic help.
There is an old servant (Vidya Bhushan). He served this family for many years but despite that he is told to refill the pounds in the room of Jasper in a day otherwise police action would be taken against him. To save the older domestic help, Rohini (Anjali Patil) who is young maid, takes the responsibility to find the stolen or missing money of the foreigner.
What happens is what forms the remaining part of the film.
Acting : This is the debut film of Anjali Patil and she has done well as female lead. Her expressions are good. Lilette Dubey is as usual. Victor Bannerjee is okay. Vidya Bhushan is above average. Lee Williams is okay. Kulbhushan Kharbanda is top notch.
Script : The story of the film is different but not appealing and not for the mass. The writer in not fair to all class of people and seems to be biased. The story lacks objectivity. It is mostly about the plight of domestic helps.
Direction : Its director chooses to concentrate in particular is the economical divide in the society. The director revolves the whole film around the theft which appears to be monotonous and boring. It is stretched and exaggerated. He also could not portray the clear picture of Rohini that what she wants! Why Kulbhushan Kharbanda's father-in-law makes special bonding with a stranger of another country such as Jasper is not clear and unconvincing! The director should have justified these.
Conclusion : The film is slow and monotonous with solo conflict. It may please only a limited class of people. It is a film in which mostly foreigners are associated in its making so you will get to watch the picture of India seen through an outsider's eye. They have portrayed India where there is traffic problem, where there are problems of potholes, which is a country of spicy food and where toilet paper hardly available or used.
Box Office Prediction : It appears very difficult for it to earn revenues as normal movies.
Verdict : It is an average film. If you have nothing left to watch better and if you want to watch something to spend time and money, you may watch it.

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