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SECOND MARRIAGE DOT COM is a Hindi feature film which released on 10th August, 2012. It has been produced under the banner of Vin Mehta Films and its producer is Vinod Mehta. It has been directed by Gaurav Panjwani and it falls in the genre of social drama. Is it worth watching? Read the review below.
Story : Two youngsters Akshay Narang (Vishal Nayak) (who is from Delhi) and Poonam Upadhaya (Sayani Gupta) (who is from Jaipur) come closer due to their parents. Akshay's father is a widower and he wants him to get merrier. He comes across a website known as which is for widowers and divorcees so that they can look for their 2nd inning life partner. He puts his father's profile in search of a wife for him.
On the other hand Poonam's mother is a divorcee and she too puts her mother's profile on the marriage portal in search of 2nd inning life partner. Both the parties come to know about each other's requirement and both the youngsters want their father and mother to meet each other and see if they can spend their remaining life together. This makes their parents a bit uncomfortable but they have to listen to their children. Both of them like each other which eventually turns into their marriage.
Thereafter all of them shift into one big home which is in Delhi.
But twist gets in when in a night of passion 'brother' and 'sister' become intimate. They get into some other relationship. This sends them into dilemma.
How would their parents react to their new relationship? Would society accept their relationship? Thinking of the result Poonam tries to keep away from such kind of relationship but Akshay becomes desperate to make her as his life partner.
What would be the result is what make the rest of the story!
Acting : Sayani Gupta is above average as Poonam. She has done well in her emotional scenes. Vishal Nayak as Akshay is average. He needs to be mature to do the roles effectively. Mohit Chauhan is good as Suneel. As Bihari, Manjeet has done well. Nikita More is below average.
Script : The story by Gaurav Panjwani and Dinkar Sharma is different. However some scenes seem to be forcibly inserted so as to create drama. Its screenplay prior to interval is okay. However post interval it takes different shapes which is confusing and unconvincing. The climax is not good and you won't digest it. It is awkward.
Editing : Gaurav has edited the film. His work is above average.
Music : Music has been given by Aditya Agarwal and Manan Munjal and their music is okay.
Cinematography : Yogesh Sharma is the DOP of this film and his work can be said to be average.
Direction : This film has been directed by Gaurav Panjwani. He has done well in its first half but failed to do justice in the second half. He could not develop some of his characters properly and let them remain half baked. He has repeated some shots in the song sequences which may cause you irritation.
Conclusion : Even though it has a strong storyline, it can not attract huge audience due to improper execution. Many scenes have been forcible incorporated which were not needed which become the drawback of it. There is a good message in it which new generation may like and which may benefit this film in terms of audience. For example this film conveys you that you should go ahead with the idea what you think is right without bothering for the society!
Plus Points : Storyline; Music
Minus Points : Poor Execution; Half Baked Characters; Loose 2nd Half
Verdict : If you are ready to bear unpleasant 2nd half but to enjoy pleasant 1st half you can go for it.

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