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YEH JO MOHABBAT HAI is a Hindi feature film which released on 3rd August, 2012. It has been produced under the banner of Aradhana Films and has been produced by Ashim Samanta. It has been directed by Shree Narayan Singh. It falls in the genre of romance (Love Story).
Story : Karan (Aditya Samantha) and Karishma (Nazia Hassan) meet in Europe. They fall in love. When they get back to India, they come to know that there is deep rooted enmity between the two families which is running from generations. This becomes a big obstacle in their love life.
In the beginning it is shown that Karishma and Karan, both are born on the same day in the same hospital. After many years (nearly 23 years) they meet in another country as stated above and fall in love. But they know nothing about the background of each other's family.
Would they get success in getting married to each other despite their families' enmity? Would both the families get united once again? Such queries are answered in the remaining part of the film.
Acting : Aditya Samanta doesn't impress you as a newcomer. His expressions are flat and his looks are dull in some scenes. He doesn't appear to be as charming as one should be in debut film acting as lead role. Nazia Hassan too is not impressive as a new comer. She doesn't even appear to be pretty in this film. Mohnish Behl and Mukesh Tiwari are okay. Farida Jalal and Rati Agnihotri are good. Remaining actors are average.
Script : The producer Ashim Samanta has written the story of it which is old. You have watched this plot in so many films earlier such as 'QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK'. In that film two families are each other's biggest enemy. And their children fall in love with each other. However, that film was presented and written very well whereas this film's script is dull and stale. Even though screenplay and dialogues are written by Dilip Shukla, who is a big writer, the screenplay is weak and dialogues are childish.
Music : Music is composed by Anu Malik which is average.
Direction : The director of this film is Shree Narayan Singh who hasn't done well, even though he has edited hit film like 'A WEDNESDAY'. He could not keep the story engaging with his tight direction. Presentation of the story is weak. He should have known that such plots have become stale and so he could have added some fresh flavor to it but except change in locations (foreign locations) he could add nothing new. His takings are average.
Minus Points : Poor Performance by lead actors; Weak Script; Music below Average
Plus Points : Hardly anything
Conclusion : Since the plot has become stale; it may not attract audience because there is hardly anything which can be said fresh (except lead artists and foreign locations). When your story is not fresh your music should be highly appealing such as music of AASHIQUI which was super hit (Music & not the film). But so is not the case here.
Box Office Predictions : It may not attract even college students for whom it has been made so it is hardly going to earn satisfactory revenues. However, it has been made in a low budget (due to low star cast) it may earn some money.
Verdict : If you want to watch a stale and boring film you can go for it.

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