Viswaroopam on Screens Feb 1 at TN

Judge proposed to Kamal’s team for postponing the release to Feb 1 but the team was stubborn on releasing the movie on 25th.
Its success for Kamal Haasan. His appeal against the 15 days ban provided him a positive result. This means the movie should hit the screens as per schedule.

The case was handled by Judge Venkatraman. The lawyers who were arguing in favor of the government said that this is a similar case to the movie Dam 999 about the Mullaperiyar Dam issue. The High Court had earlier dismissed a petition seeking an overturn on the ban of this film.

Breaking News: It’s success for Kamal Haasan
Kamal's viswaroopam
Kamal’s lawyers argued back asking for any specific message in the movie which was the bone of their contention. The lawyer arguing in favour of the Government did not have proper answer for the question. Also, Kamal’s lawyers debated that when people in Qatar and Malaysia didn’t have any issue with the movie post the release in these countries, why did Tamil Nadu have to be an exception.

Chandra Haasan who is Kamal’s brother was in court representing Kamal. There will be a huge relief in Kamal’s camp now.