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Aaru Sundarimarude Katha- ASK
'Aaru Sundarimarude Katha- ASK' as the title tells is the story of six beautiful women whose destinies affect each other as they bond together for their respective families in the face of adversities which includes the murder of one among these.

Chachi (Zareena Wahab), the narrator, introduces the six beauties including her with their male pairs. Chachi is a 70 year old grandma who lives in a bungalow in Vagamon and the rest of her family live in Thiruvananthapuram where their family's prized possession Indianet TV, the number one TV channel in Malayalam operates. Rose (Nadiya Moithu) is her daughter, Alex (Prathap Pothen) is her son-in-law who is the CEO of the channel and Anju (Umank K Jain) is her granddaughter.

Rose was a national basketball player and Anju is a rising Tennis star. Alex entertains many women in his life. This gradually creates cracks in his family relationship and Rose tries to find solace in her old friend Sree (Narain) who brings in basketball back to her life. Meanwhile Anju too falls prey to her male fans.

At this juncture Chachi steps in and works out a phenomenal change in Alex to patch up with Rose. Alex then wins a global media award in Singapore. Rose opens Rose Academy of Basket Ball. She also prepares Anju to play her climax game on her own. 

It is then that the rival TV channel anchor Ria accuses media baron Alex of sexual harassment and she has tapes shot in Singapore award function to prove it. The entire hell breaks loose as Ria is found dead later. Will the family be able to withstand the turmoil? Will Anju win the climax game in the midst of all these? 

Directed by Rajesh K Abraham this family sports thriller is produced by A V Anoop under the banner of A V A Productions. Deepak Dev is the music director.
Aaru Sundarimarude Katha- ASK

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