Actress Umang Jain Biography | Hot Photos Of Actress Umang Jain

As she is now much famous in Malayalam as her debut in Malayalam on “Aaru Sundarimarude Katha”. In this she appear in the role of Nadiya Moythu’s daughter.
Umang Jain is one of those faces that you think you are seeing literally everywhere, in so many TV and print ads that she appears in. From L.G Mobiles to Sony Handycam and from Airtel to Cadbury and Max New York Life Insurance, rare is the brand that has not looked for a bright and vivacious young face and not found Umang Jain as the perfect choice.
Actress Umang Jain Biography | Hot Photos Of Actress Umang Jain
Given that she has already worked with directors like Prasoon Pandey, Pradeep Sarkar and Anurag Kashyap on various ad films, one would think that the transition to ad films would be a breeze for this young actress. In particular, it would seem that the 11 years of experience that Umang has already logged in the film industry would help her no end among the ensemble cast of Love, Breakups, Zindagi.
But even working on as many as 13 shows as a child star on television does not always steel you for the pressures of appearing on the big screen. That is why Umang thinks she is blessed that she has the courage of her convictions. That she wants to not just be a part of the world, but to change it. Not only did she know she would be an actor at the age of 10, she pursued her dreams even while ensuring that her academic performance would not suffer (just as she had promised her friends). Even as she has stepped into the world of dreams, she knows that the reality out there is often very hard for a lot of people- and so she is part of an NGO that helps the villages on the outskirts of Mumbai in different possible ways.
Even as she works to bring to life the characters created by others, she brings life to her own creations throughsketching, design and writing. Umang Jain is not just a newcomer to the world of films. She has brought with her a new attitude to the world of films. 

Have done more than 60 television commercials along with short films, video albums and print promos. Most famous and successful ads include Cadburys, Airtel, Docomo, Sony Handycam campaigns, and the recent good day biscuits.

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